Employee engagement with Lawshare

Interlink Recruitment21 October 2019

Earlier this month the 5th annual Lawshare conference took place at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester. It was an opportunity for JMW’s Lawsave members and other law firm leaders to come together and...

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Spotlight on lawyer wellbeing

Nick Carroll, Head of Conveyancing07 October 2019

In the last 20 years there’s been a lot for us all to think about. There was talk of a millennium bug that would have huge consequences the world over, more war conflicts than you can shake a st...

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A career as a Legal Secretary

Jessica Penrice, Principal Consultant30 September 2019

It's a fact, legal secretaries are a fundamental part of a law firm. Such is their importance you might go so far as to say they are the beating heart of a firm’s internal operations....

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Promotions in private practice

Interlink Recruitment23 September 2019

Promotions in private practice law firms are big news in the legal sector and often make local if not wider industry headlines. As much as being great PR for the lawyer being promoted, internal p...

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International Legal Recruitment

Interlink Recruitment16 September 2019

A little over a year ago we launched our first International legal recruitment desk, with a focus solely on the Middle East. Since then, we’ve expanded our global reach and today we recruit...

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The importance of 'social'

Interlink Recruitment09 September 2019

Here at Interlink Recruitment we make sure we have a regular calendar of social events for all our team members. While they’re not compulsory, they are very popular, and we find they make a big...

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'The Power of your People' at the Lawshare 5th Annual Conference

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant02 September 2019

We’re looking forward to October and the 5th annual JMW Lawshare conference at the Lowry Hotel. Once again, law firms from across the North West region will gather for an interactive afternoon w...

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Be an agile lawyer

Interlink Recruitment19 August 2019

Not to be confused with flexible working as a benefit offered by law firms, instead we look at the reasons why lawyers need to approach their work and careers with a flexible, open mind. We explore wh...

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Meet Gary in our London team

Gary Mullen, Senior Recruitment Consultant05 August 2019

Gary recently joined our London team of recruitment consultants, working with lawyers and law firms across the City. Previously he’s worked at a barrister’s chambers and has recruitment ex...

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When Cybercrime strikes

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant21 July 2019

The issue of Cyber Security remains a growing problem for law firms. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published its first report into the threat of cybercrime to the UK legal sector in July l...

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