Interlink Insights

Our Principal Legal Recruitment Consultant, Lewis Mitchell, answers a few questions about himself and his role here at Interlink over the past five years.


Going back five years, what brought you to Interlink at the time? What was it about the business that you liked?

I’d previously worked in a law firm but it wasn’t really for me and I’d also done recruitment which I loved, so I combined the two and here we are five years later!

You've progressed from Recruitment Consultant to Principal Recruitment Consultant during your time here at Interlink, plus more in between. Tell us about your role from when you started and how it has evolved.

My role has developed to be a lot more hands on with senior candidates and top-tier clients. Whilst my role hasn’t changed too much, my acumen and knowledge has grown a lot, allowing me to account manage and place some of the most senior Lawyers in the market.

As part of the London Team, you focus on placing Lawyers at all levels in the best law firms in The City, with a particular focus on property roles. How have the changes to the property market over the past two years impacted those roles?

Real estate has boomed in the past two years. Albeit at the beginning of the pandemic things were slow as developers were struggling to build due to restrictions, meaning UK and international investors were holding off purchasing in the market. In the past 12-18 months, all Real Estate Lawyers will firmly agree, it’s been bedlam.

How has your style of recruitment changed and adapted over your time at Interlink? What are some of the key lessons you have learnt in your time here?

Picking up the phone at every chance, never hiding behind emails or using email as communication when I can use the phone. It builds confidence, rapport and your knowledge. There will always be something you get out of a phone call that you just won’t by email.

How important to your role is building relationships with both clients and candidates?

It’s the most important aspect, without relationships we have nothing. Especially focusing on real estate, building solid relationships with my clients personally and professionally has allowed me to place more Lawyers and provide a greater variety of options and deeper understanding of firms.

There's always been a great sense of 'team' at Interlink. What are some of your best times with the business?

It’s hard to pin down just a few, Amsterdam was one of the greatest of all time and I could barely remember the half of it! We always have top incentives on the go, we’ve been to the races a number of times, attended lunch clubs and celebratory ‘do’s’, been on holidays abroad, when permitted, and so much more. We’re all very social-able anyway, you can guarantee we’ll all be having a laugh on a Friday.

Your job can be quite stressful. How do you manage all the tasks you do to keep the work flowing?

Everyone is different but I think organisation is key, everything I need to do, no matter how small, goes in my calendar, that way you’re working through everything, resulting in deals being done. Additionally, I think external releases are important to manage a stressful five day a week job. I do the typical gym, football, holidays etc. I also love hiking and that is one of the best releases.

Interlink is looking to bring new members into the team. What advice would you give anyone looking to join Team Interlink?

Pick up the phone! Don’t hide behind emails, it makes the job what it is when you’re on the phone speaking to people. Lawyers are still people and you can still have a laugh and a joke, all while remaining professional and doing the job.


If you are a Qualified Lawyer looking to progress your career in London, or a City law firm looking to find the best hires for your team, contact Lewis on for a confidential discussion about the opportunities available to you.