Mergers & Acquisitions

Law Firm Mergers & Acquisitions

The legal sector is continually changing and evolving. At Interlink Talent Solutions, we know who's who in the legal sector along with who knows what and who wants what.

This experience and knowledge of what's going on in the market means we can quickly connect you with other firms that might be interested in a merger or acquisition. Whether you are a firm that is looking to expand its geographical reach through acquisition or a specialist practice that's looking for a larger partner to broaden its offering, we can connect you with the right people for a confidential discussion.

All merger and acquisition work is overseen by our Managing Director, Louis Rosenthal, a former solicitor within a major corporate firm who understands how to position a deal so that each side wins. All M&A work is undertaken in total confidence, we will not reveal your firm's identity to any other firm or person until discussions have progressed to a point that you are happy for that to happen. 

If you would like an initial conversation with Louis about your options and the opportunities in the market, please call him on 07787155588 or complete the form on this page. Your enquiry will be sent only to Louis to ensure it remains private.

Helping you find the Perfect Business Partner

It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a firm to acquire or for someone to take you under their wing, there needs to be a good fit to ensure any deal is successful. From our work in recruitment, we fully understand the importance of "fit" so when we broker any deal, we will not just throw your name around to see if anything sticks. We will follow our own structured approach to make sure any proposed deal makes sense to everyone involved. 

When appointed to find a business partner, we will: 

  • Understand your goals

    Our first step is to understand what you are looking to achieve by sitting down with you to scope out your plans. We will discuss your objectives along with gaining a proper understanding of what your firm will bring to the table and any particular conditions or limitations that might be deal-breakers.

  • Undertake a DEsk Review

    Following the initial discussion, we will assess the market with the aim of identifying potential partner firms that could help you achieve your objectives. At this stage, we will not approach anyone or divulge any information about your plans.

  • Shortlist Potential Targets

    From this initial review, we will present a range of potential candidates to you. At this stage, we will have made no contact with them. Together, we will review the candidates to create a shortlist whilst developing a better understanding of the value you would bring to any potential deal.

  • Agree on an Approach

    We then decide on the best way to make an approach, including agreeing on the information you would be happy to reveal at this stage. 

  • Facilitate the Introduction

    Our next goal is to get both sides of the deal engaging with each other. We will use our skills to sell an outline deal to the point that we can get everybody talking with the clear objective of making something happen. 

  • Support you as Required

    The actual structuring of the deal then sits with the two firms. We won't interfere as there'll be enough Lawyers in the room but, if needed, we will be around to help smooth out any issues that might be encountered.

Why Use Interlink Talent Solutions?

Not all advisers are created equal and we like to think we are amongst the best people to talk to if you are looking to make a structural change to the way your firm operates. If you work with Interlink on your merger and acquisition plans, you will benefit from:

  • Key connections

    We have built extensive relationships with firms across the country and, from our knowledge of their recruitment plans, we are able to understand who might consider what opportunity.

  • Deep market knowledge

    Many of our people are former practising solicitors, so we understand all the different areas of law and know who is good at what. Our market insight is unrivalled, so you can rest assured that you will receive the best advice to make the right decisions for your firm.

  • Honesty and Integrity

    We aim to work with complete honesty and integrity, keeping your confidence and helping you achieve your business goals.

  • Highly motivated

    You will struggle to find a team more motivated to help you achieve your objectives. We work with incredible drive and ambition, approaching everything we do with the utmost positivity and professionalism.

Contact our Managing Director

If you would like a confidential discussion with Louis, please complete the form below or call him on 07787 155588.


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