Are You Missing the Manchester Legal Awards?

Interlink Recruitment22 February 2021

It’s February and our social calendar, much like everyone else’s, is looking sadly empty. We want to know, who’s missing the Manchester Legal Awards? Because we sure are...

Postponed due to Covid

Yes, as regular attendees and supporters of the event will know, the Manchester Legal Awards were due to take place in March this year. And it would have been the 12th year of the event. But, due to Covid-19, the awards evening has had to be postponed. The team behind the MLAs as they are known, including the hosts The Manchester Law Society, are having talks to decide when to reschedule them. As yet, and with the uncertainty of so many public events, it’s a case of patiently waiting to find out when the awards will make their glamorous return. And we can’t wait for when that will be!

Awards planning
This time last year we were very much in the thick of planning for the 2020 Manchester Legal Awards, which took place at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. It really does seem like an eternity ago. That was our second year of being Principal Sponsors of the event, and we were set to do it all again this year too.
Right about this time in February, as Principal Sponsors, we would be knee-deep in various elements of planning for the big event. Probably the hardest of the logistical challenges by this point is getting all the invitations back from the 50+ guests we invite for the evening. Yes, lawyers are busy people (well they were much more so back then when travel between offices, and meetings were allowed!), and being able to make a visit to Manchester for the event, or to commit to a long evening, isn’t easy. As well as the invitations, getting all the menu options in and dealing with dietary requirements is as challenging, but we manage to do it all in time for the deadline as the wider event organisers gather the information for nigh on 500 guests overall. It’s some event!

Our way to say thank you
We had gotten so used to the regular bill of awards evenings which occur each year, that without such events it really does feel eerily quiet. The reason why we sponsor the Manchester Legal Awards is because it’s the biggest night in the legal calendar for Manchester-based law firms, lawyers, solicitors, and support staff. The social element of it is really important to us, meeting lots of old and new faces. As recruiters, we love face-to-face meetings and being able to have conversations. All things which are often difficult to have when people are busy with work and a relentless schedule. The awards are also a great way to say thank you to clients who have been great advocates of what we do. We enjoy forging strong relationships with those we work with, so when we come together it’s more like spending an evening with good friends. We see how hard the teams work too, including those in the Human Resources departments of law firms, and it’s our way of giving them the opportunity to join a great night out.

Virtual awards
Of course, across the country some legal awards evenings have continued, being done virtually. For example, the People in Law Awards held a digital event last year and will do so again this year. The Lawyer Awards took place as a virtual event back in November last year. They can be done, and it’s important to keep morale going and recognise how hard teams and individuals have been working through the pandemic. Some firms have been busier than ever and have had to get to grips with doing it all remotely, too!
But, going virtual hasn’t been the case with the Manchester Legal Awards, and we’re okay with that. We can wait patiently until such time that (hopefully) an even bigger, better event can be put together. We are sure the team organising the event will make sure it comes back with a bang. And by then, it will be an evening out which we will all deserve.

Are you missing the Manchester Legal Awards as much as we are? We hope we’ll be able to get together and celebrate the region’s legal successes once again, very soon.
In the meantime, if you hope to make 2021 the year that you make a move to a new law firm and do great things, worthy of winning awards, contact one of our team of expert legal recruitment consultants

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