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Steven Baylis, Senior Consultant15 April 2019

Having worked in recruitment for six years, I’ve spent the last three of those dealing strictly with the locum market. I’ve recently joined Interlink, and in doing so, created a first for the business, providing temporary candidates to law firms across the country.

Exciting times at Interlink

It’s truly an exciting time to be at Interlink, a company firmly on the up, with no limits as to what can be achieved. It’s because of this that I saw a perfect opportunity. The chance to create something, to make an impact, to do something that’s never been done before at Interlink, and be hugely successful.

It ain’t always easy
Being a “temp” recruiter is never easy, there are days where you’re spinning many plates, but it’s important to make sure you have the right balance. I often get asked why I do it, but it’s simple, I love what I do. It can be a cliché to say that, but I enjoy the buzz, the pace, the need to get everything exactly right. In a world full of regulations and compliance, it appeals to the perfectionist in me, the need to be meticulous in what I do.

Why do lawyers choose temporary over permanent? 
The benefits to being a locum can be quite plentiful. For some, it’s about schedules and flexible working, the ability to choose your own hours, even days when you want to work, which (if you’re a parent or carer) could be vital. Another example is to gain additional skills for career development. A solicitor who is maybe 2 years’ PQE, could benefit from learning from those of a higher level to gain extra knowledge and hands-on experience. Or maybe you prefer a weekly pay day… I could go on but it’s for these reasons (and many more) that increasingly more candidates are coming away from permanent jobs and embracing a temporary legal contract.

Supply, demand and don’t forget the money
To be honest though, it can all boil down to salary. A typical solicitor in London could earn upwards of £50 - £65 per hour, dependant on their experience and sector. Rates that permanent jobs just can’t compete with. Supply and demand play a factor too, of course.
For a firm, maybe they need someone to cover a period of maternity or paternity leave.  For that, a locum candidate becomes quite an attractive proposition. Should a huge influx of work come in, temporary candidates provide that respite, the chance to catch up on things and deliver results without committing to an increased permanent headcount. Maybe it’s holiday or sickness cover and someone is needed at short-notice.
As for the candidate, the reasons a firm may need someone could be almost never-ending. What is most important though is stability, the need to keep things moving - the show must go on, right? Continuity of service is important to clients, to ensure their customers are always taken care of. Locums or temporary workers can provide this, they are there for you when you need them most.

For both client and candidate, I firmly believe there will always be a market for the temporary worker.

Steven Baylis recently joined Interlink Recruitment to set up our temporary legal recruitment offering. He helps help law firms find legal professionals for temporary legal contracts and assignments across the country. If you are a lawyer or business support professional looking to work on a temporary basis, then Steven is the man to speak to. Contact him on 0161 827 4379 or send him an email,

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