Why Networking Should be a Key Focus of Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, knowledge is power – what you know and who you know can have significant benefits. Time spent on networking can help Recruiters expand their knowledge and prove to be an extremely valuable investment.

Network In Person

If you are looking to source a pool of potential candidates for a particular sector, attending networking events, user groups or conferences relevant to that industry is crucial. In addition, you will meet the industry leaders who are likely to utilise recruitment agencies to fill vacancies. You will then get to know who is hiring and which candidates are looking for new opportunities, improving your chances of successfully doing business.

Network Online

There are a variety of ways to network, including online and in person. Spending time on online forums dedicated to a particular business can be a good way to build up a large network of contacts. Not only is it convenient but can grant access to a larger talent pool than may be available locally. It can be particularly useful when recruiting for international positions where face-to-face contact is not always achievable. However, meeting contacts in person, whether at networking events, conferences or scheduled private meetings, allows Recruiters to build up a more personal relationship with clients and candidates.

Timing is everything in recruitment. You may have the perfect candidate but not the perfect job, and this means it’s crucial to stay in contact with your candidate and be completely up to date with the ever-moving market.

Making contacts is the cornerstone of recruitment and networking is an essential part of this. Online networking is a convenient and useful tool but taking the time to meet face-to-face with potential clients and candidates can be extremely beneficial for recruiters.

Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform heavily utilised by Recruiters and candidates for networking. Potential candidates use LinkedIn in a variety of ways. They create professional profiles that make them attractive to various employers as well as connect and network with other like-minded professionals. LinkedIn can also be used for referral recruiting through employees. Not only is LinkedIn great for recruiting, but it also gives an employer a chance to boost branding.


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