Why Choose a Career in Recruitment?

In this article, I explain my route to becoming a Legal Recruitment Consultant here at Interlink, why I chose to pursue a career in recruitment as well as why I would recommend this career path to others.

My Career Path to Legal Recruitment  

Prior to commencing an LLB at Manchester Metropolitan University, I was dead set on becoming a successful Solicitor and living the busy life as one. I decided to go down the conventional route of the LLB Law then the LPC.

Upon finishing the Legal Practice Course, I found myself in a difficult position; I had a wealth of legal knowledge but a lack of desire to apply it to becoming a Solicitor. The spark that the profession had was lost for me. I had never considered recruitment as a career option, until I had the opportunity to learn about the recruitment industry at the end of my LPC course. I later joined Interlink Talent Solutions and I believe I am making great progress within the company.

Why Recruitment?

A great part of this job is that I can apply my wealth of legal knowledge into a side of the industry that I had never seen before. Learning the hiring processes for a plethora of firms, as well as how certain firms operate in terms of the type of people they like to attract, gives me a new insight into the legal sector that I would never have seen otherwise. The competition in recruitment is always fierce, so having some background on the legal sector helps me compete with great Recruiters who have been in the sector for longer.

Furthermore, many graduates are steering towards recruitment as a career and the reasons are clear. One of the best parts of this multi-faceted job is the complete freedom we have to develop our path. We have all the tools we need to succeed, being a computer and a phone, so having complete freedom to do the job gives us autonomy that most roles do not provide.

Additionally, recruitment provides great career progression opportunities. Good performance is consistently rewarded and there is a clear route established that gives us something to work towards, as well as the uncapped earning potential. The job is not always easy; however, the role is varied and having complete freedom means that I get out what I put in day-to-day. I have found that staying busy and keeping things ticking over means every day is different and exciting.

I find that the most rewarding aspect of recruitment is the positive change you can make in people’s lives. Sometimes someone is simply unhappy in their current role and they approach us to find them their ideal opportunity. It is always great to hear that the firm wants to hire them as they can finally leave their current job and start a new one, which can significantly improve someone’s life. This job is very rewarding, and I am glad I made the decision to join!

We are Hiring!

We are currently looking to hire Consultants to join our team in central Manchester. If you are a motivated and driven individual, this may be the perfect career for you. To find out more about this opportunity, please give us a call on 0161 839 4388 or send your CV to


Sam Williams specialises in helping Lawyers right up to Partner level find new roles across London. If you are considering a move, or would like more information about the opportunities available to you, contact Sam.

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