How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent

During the last few years, the legal profession has seen a very many changes and there are plenty more still to come when you consider further advancement in technology, shifts in workforce culture and demographics, as well as increased demand from clients for better value for money.

We have also seen a dramatic shift in what is most important to prospective job seekers. While retaining top staff can be a tough task, keeping existing key members is crucial for long term business success. As we return to the candidate-short market we were used to for many years, firms are having to look into new ways to keep hold of their most valuable assets, whilst bolstering their workforce with new skills, to ensure future success in the ever-changing legal landscape.

Flexible Working

With the post-Covid era now in full effect, flexible working is crucial for law firms of all sizes, to attract and keep the best staff – it has gone from being ‘who’s doing it?’ to the ‘new normal’. Changing attitudes, ensuring a diverse workforce and innovations in technology have all played their part in making flexible working a reality.

Employee Engagement 

Being able to progress one’s own career and the promotional opportunities available in a firm are integral to employee satisfaction. Ongoing learning and development is important for not only keeping Lawyers moving up the ladder but also in building a talent strategy whereby all disciplines need to be catered for, as the legal landscape changes. If staff know the firm is investing in their future as much as the firm’s, there is every chance that they will stay.


Firms that brand themselves well, presenting their values, strengths, philosophy and work culture in a positive, forward-thinking way will be more likely to stand out and be able to recruit like-minded Lawyers. As well as good employer branding, firms should have a strong online presence, promoting their brand and services across all social media channels. 

Tech Investment

It is law firm clients predominantly driving the adoption of new technology in firms, as they seek information and updates in real-time, even shared data access. With the arrival of technology, there comes a need for staff who can manage data and support the tech infrastructure. Alongside any of these new roles in a firm is the need to make sure that the firm’s Lawyers can use and understand the data themselves, supporting their traditional legal knowledge. Law firms looking to the future know technology is a key differentiator for them as a competitive firm in the marketplace, as well as for attracting and retaining the very best talent. 

Be Prepared for Change

There are challenging times ahead for law firms, as the industry continues to evolve and naturally there will be varying degrees of staff attrition. The key thing, as we all look to the future, is that change is coming and we should all be ready for it. Firms leaving it too late to change risk losing their best assets, making it even harder for them to compete in an already challenging market. In contrast, those firms that embrace change and remain agile and are prepared to adapt are the ones that will succeed.

We all know that happy employees make for happy clients, so it’s worth the effort.


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