Strategic Hiring for the Legal Sector

As you strive for business growth, are you looking to introduce a new work type or open in a new location? Perhaps you want to complement your existing offering to strengthen your expertise.

Interlink calls this strategic hiring and with our industry knowledge we can help your firm acquire the additional people you need to achieve your goals. Whether that involves finding a team for a new service offering, headhunting a specific candidate or helping with the recruitment of a new office. 

We will work with you completely confidentially to understand what you are looking to achieve and then provide advice on how your plans can best be executed. We will tailor the recruitment process to be effective and efficient, helping you find the best candidates to join your team.

To talk to us about your strategic hiring requirements, contact our Managing Director Louis Rosenthal today. 

The Interlink Approach to Strategic Hiring

At Interlink, we appreciate that your strategic plans need to be delivered smoothly and so we follow a well-defined process to make sure any hires you make add the value you’re expecting. There are a number of steps to our strategic hiring process:

  1. Understanding your goals: Our first step is to understand what you are looking to achieve by having a one-to-one consultation. Here, we will discuss in-depth your business objectives and how recruitment can help you meet the requirements to meet your goals.
  2. Creating a hiring plan: Following the consultation, we will create a requirements document that captures what you are trying to achieve, detailing salary costs and what employees need to bill. We will use this to go to market in confidence.
  3. Conducting a market review: Using the requirements document, we will review candidates who might be suitable targets to help you meet your business objectives. Before approaching anyone, we will present them back to you to ensure they match with your expectations.
  4. Contacting and reviewing candidates: Once you’re happy with the suggested candidates, we will reach out and speak to potential employees to assess them against your firm’s objectives and any cultural fit criteria.
  5. Shortlisting and presenting options: Having conducted the initial screening, we will present a list of candidates that would be suitable to help you achieve your business strategy. 
  6. Arranging introductions and interviews: We will then facilitate meetings between the prospects and yourself so that you can determine if the individuals will fit within your organisation and deliver the results you hope.

Why Interlink Recruitment?

Strategic hiring uses different methods to other types of recruitment to ensure candidates are at the top of their game. We will meet with you to understand what and who you are looking for before using our headhunting skills to match your requirements with the right individual.

We have worked with many legal firms on their strategic recruitment and here are just some of the reasons why you can trust us with yours:

  • Key connections - over the last decade, we have built invaluable relationships with candidates and clients alike across the country. 
  • Deep market knowledge - our market insight is unrivalled so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best advice to allow you to make the right decisions for your firm.
  • Honesty and sincerity - people are the most important asset of any business, which is why we aim to work with complete honesty and sincerity, building trust with our clients and candidates. 
  • Highly motivated  - you will struggle to find a team more motivated to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. We work with incredible drive and ambition, approaching everything we do with the utmost positivity and professionalism.

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To take your firm to the next level, request a consultation with one of our strategic hiring consultants today to brief us on your needs and objectives. With offices in Manchester and London, we can help with your strategic recruitment needs around the UK - contact us today.

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