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Lessons the Legal Sector can Learn from the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought with it challenges and successes across all sectors, including legal, and provided an opportunity to fast track a change in working culture and processes. Changes were implemented in areas such as work/life balance, hybrid working, use of office space, upskilling staff and investing in the right technologies.

Typically, exploration into new territories is gradual and phased; however, this luxury was not afforded to many companies in 2020. Organisations had to react quickly to ensure that business could continue competently under these unprecedented and unpredictable circumstances. 

The legal sector has always favoured the traditional office, with large spaces, meetings and a hub of lawyers and has been seen as an industry that is ‘behind the times’. However, the initial lockdown pushed many legal firms into a fast and immediate response.

Despite a number of challenges presenting themselves, the industry has learnt, adapted and responded to the situation. In this report, we take a look at what success the legal sector has seen during the pandemic, how it has changed the legal landscape and what law firms can learn for the future.

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