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Leah Mandviwala

Legal Recruitment Consultant

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Leah Mandviwala

My role at Interlink:

I am a Legal Recruitment Consultant working within our USA team here at Interlink. My role consists of placing candidates in their dream role. To ensure both parties find the right fit for the role I first need understanding what you are looking for, in order for me to ensure you match on a personal level, as well as academic and professional.

Why Recruitment:

As a social butterfly, a people-based role has always been on the cards for me; Recruitment allows me to utilise my interpersonal skills and be well rewarded for my hard work. The fast-paced environment of a recruitment role keeps the job interesting and Interlink offers ample opportunities to progress my career.

Outside of work:

Outside of work, you will probably find me catching up with friends and family over some nice food. I also play tennis at the weekend, although I’m not very good at it!