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Daniel Rosenthal

Commercial Director

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Daniel Rosenthal

I am the Commercial Director at Interlink. 

After two decades working in the manufacturing, import-export, wholesale and retail sectors, I joined Interlink in September 2017, to take care of all commercial, operational and management matters, whilst planning the company’s strategic growth.

Having worked with several multinational corporations and with many hundreds of smaller business organisations, I have an abundance of global trading experience, which I leverage on a daily basis, allowing me to offer excellent advice and guidance, to our esteemed clients, to our valued candidates and to my team of very hard-working Legal Recruitment Consultants.

I also have some bespoke involvement in the actual recruitment process itself, when a nuanced vision and a relentless focus is required to get the very best results, for all concerned parties. I am available day and night, working with honesty and integrity, always building robust new relationships, whilst also evolving to meet the needs of my longer-standing clients.

I am looking forward to continuing to build this magnificent business and to further cultivating the unique collaborative environment which exists at Interlink Recruitment, one in which my professional and talented team do all thrive.

Outside of work, my passions are for my family, watching sport and enjoying fine malt whiskies, particularly those from Scotland and from Japan.