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Are you a law firm partner looking to make a lateral move to a new firm either by yourself or with your team? Are you a senior associate making your first move into partnership? If so, Interlink Recruitment has years of experience placing law firm partners in the most attractive positions in London, Manchester and around the world. 

Such complex, highly market-sensitive recruitment is handled by our select team of experienced recruitment consultants, based in Manchester and London. We offer strategic advice through each stage of the process, ensuring absolute confidentiality from the start.

We work with complete honesty, energy and focus, using our vast knowledge in the sector to better the careers of our candidates. 

To speak to our experts about how we can help facilitate your partner move, get in touch with us today. 

Our partner representation services

We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships and connections with legal professionals and law firms across the country. The candidates we place in partner roles trust that we understand their career goals and the complicated process of moving a partner and/or a team into a new firm. 

Below is the support we provide our candidates:

  • An initial detailed conversation with you to understand your business goals and objectives.
  • Lending our expertise to help prepare a robust business plan.
  • Talking you through the best methods to present the plan, and the interview process.
  • Tackling issues and discussing key points throughout the process, including offer negotiations, resignation planning, restrictive covenants and the transition to a new firm.

If you’re not sure your salary is right, we can also provide market insight on salary averages and benefits packages, in addition to helping you negotiate the best terms in your new position.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to build a new team within your law firm, we can help form a strategy and introduce you to the right connections. We have ample experience working on large-scale, high-level recruitment projects where discretion and pin-precision talent spotting is key.

Why choose Interlink Recruitment for your partner move?

In London, Manchester and beyond, we are the legal recruitment agency of choice for so many senior lawyers and partners at the top of their game because they know we can help them 

There are many reasons why legal professionals at the highest level choose to work with the team of experts here at Interlink Recruitment:

Key connections

We are very well connected in the industry. The fact we have good access to law firm decision makers - with our instructions coming directly from Managing Partners and Heads of Department - means we know of strategic vacancies and law firm growth strategies before others on the market, helping you keep one step ahead of the competition.

Complete discretion

We understand, after doing some due diligence, that the right option might not be there for you and therefore a move may not materialise. However, we know that confidentiality throughout the process is critical to protect your current position.


We truly listen to our candidates. We want to know exactly what your motivations, ambitions and personal preferences are, so we can match you with the most suitable firm in a working culture that will drive you to succeed. You tell us what you’re looking for, and we will put you in the best possible position to achieve it. 


We work with unrivalled drive and ambition, and the utmost sincerity. Nothing is more important to us than finding the right partner role for you, and you can be sure that we approach everything we do with positivity and professionalism.

Contact us today

Contact us for professional market analysis of the opportunities in your practice area or to discuss what can be a complex move.

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