Attract & retain talent

Jacob Thomas, Senior Consultant25 September 2017

In recent years, the legal profession has seen many changes and there are yet more to come when you consider further advancement in technology, shifts in workforce culture and demographics, as well as...

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Writing your way to new business

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant18 September 2017

One of the many skills lawyers must possess, is the ability to write.  From drafting legal letters to preparing other legal documents, clear and concise written communication with finite attentio...

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The perks for today's lawyers

Interlink Recruitment11 September 2017

Of course, it’s not the most important thing and shouldn’t be the basis upon which you select a new firm, that’s where the culture fit, opportunity and quality of work come in; but t...

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Have you got the 'back to work' blues?

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant04 September 2017

So, you’ve had the holiday of a lifetime, basking in the sunshine by the pool with nothing more to worry about other than what cocktail to have next and you’re now back at your desk, in fe...

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Winning mentality

Adam Salkie, Operations Director21 August 2017

As Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”  There are sadly no shortcuts to being a ‘genius’ in most walks of life....

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Conveyancer supply & demand

Nick Carroll, Associate Director07 August 2017

You would imagine with house prices having rocketed in the last few years, that the conveyancing market would slow right down or at least level out.  Oh - and your life as a conveyancer would bec...

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Jessica joins the Interlink team

Jessica Penrice, Consultant, Interlink Recruitment24 July 2017

While I’ve been in recruitment for several years, it’s my first time working in the legal sector. I joined Interlink Recruitment back in June, having spent nearly five years working as...

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Looking at Leeds - the fastest growing legal sector in the country

Interlink Recruitment03 July 2017

We’ve blogged in the past about the growth of the legal sector in the North in recent years.  Last year Adam looked at the impact of the Northern Powerhouse initiative on major ci...

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Moving on & handing in your notice

Dalia Goldstein, Senior Consultant, Interlink Recruitment27 June 2017

It’s probably something you have thought long and hard about, a decision that was never taken lightly.  While you are sure of all the positive, right reasons why you should be moving on, ha...

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Charity law starts at home

Interlink Recruitment05 June 2017

Now more than ever, following the horrific attacks in Manchester and London we have people coming together, to show their strength and solidarity as a community, town, city and nation.   Of...

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