Is blockchain technology the future?

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant19 March 2018

A new, modern technology comes along and understandably so, we all get a little nervous.  What is it?  Is it safe?  Will we be able to use it?  Will it replace us in our day jobs?&...

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Manchester Legal Awards 2018

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant19 February 2018

We know only too well in our line of work as Manchester-based legal recruitment consultants, of the amazing legal talent there is in our region.  And that’s one of the reasons why we are th...

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Birmingham business boost

Jacob Thomas, Senior Consultant, Interlink Recruitment12 February 2018

As the UK’s second largest city and renowned for its manufacturing heritage, Birmingham is fast becoming one of the leading business hubs in the country and with that comes a healthy menu of tra...

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Francis House is our chosen charity for 2018

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant05 February 2018

We’re thrilled to pledge our commitment to Francis House as our chosen charity of the year.  We were all in agreement at the end of last year, that raising money for a local charity woul...

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Meet the new trio at Interlink Recruitment

Interlink Recruitment30 January 2018

As the Interlink legal recruitment team continues to grow, we catch up with some new faces who all started earlier in the year.  Sophie, Hannah and Chloe have come together to reveal all about th...

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Employment lawyers in demand

Adam Salkie, Operations Director22 January 2018

It was something I mentioned at the very start of the year, when we blogged about what changes we expect to see happen in 2018, in the legal sector.  My mention of the Employment Tribunal fees an...

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Interlink welcomes Chris to the team

Christopher Batten, Recruitment Consultant08 January 2018

This week we introduce another new face to the Interlink team; Recruitment Consultant Christopher Batten shares more about his career experiences both more recently and before he stepped into legal re...

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We remember 2017 and look forward to 2018

Various members of the Interlink Recruitment team02 January 2018

There’s never a more opportune time to reflect on a year passed and look forward to the new one ahead, then at the start of a new year.  And we have done just that at Interlink Recruit...

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Conveyancing boom in North Yorkshire

Sanaz Banishoraka, Recruitment Consultant18 December 2017

As the London property market begins to plateau at an unreachable level for most buyers, investors and prospective homeowners are now turning their attentions to the north of England, and Yorkshire, i...

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Journey to somewhere

Nick Carroll, Director of Conveyancing11 December 2017

2017 marks my twentieth year in legal services, something I’m both proud and terrified of in equal measures, but equally a good time to share more about my career experience. Breaking into la...

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