Focus on Financial Wellbeing

Interlink Recruitment19 November 2018

Here at Interlink we take the wellbeing of our staff very seriously.  From physical to mental health, we aim to make sure our team members are happy, healthy and stress free.  And that exten...

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Celebrating Fran Eccles-Bech’s Achievements

Adam Salkie, Operations Director12 November 2018

Thursday 8th November is a night that will remain etched in my memory.  A very special lady was honoured in an evening of tribute and celebration.  And it genuinely could not have been besto...

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All change with Conveyancing reforms

Jonathan Thomas - Recruitment Consultant29 October 2018

Last year more than 300,000 property transactions collapsed as buyers pulled out, costing vendors thousands of pounds in losses.  This, along with other reasons has led to the need for reforms in...

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More open mind than open source

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant22 October 2018

Technology, innovation and change management to improve processes and performance – it’s all happening.  Many law firms have already started to roll out their programmes and initiativ...

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It's good to learn

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant01 October 2018

Some might say knowledge is power.  Therefore, it’s good to be ‘in the know’ and understand things.  But learning in life offers us so much more.  Even though we are a...

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How do we know the market?

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant18 September 2018

Here at Interlink Recruitment, our team of legal recruiters make sure to keep up to date and in the know about all that’s going on across the practice areas and locations they recruit for.&...

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Team Selection

Nick Carroll, Director of Conveyancing29 May 2018

June 14th 2018, only a couple of weeks away, marks the start of the 21st World Cup.  Every four years slotted into the summer calendar, both avid and causal football fans come together to immerse...

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Is blockchain technology the future?

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant19 March 2018

A new, modern technology comes along and understandably so, we all get a little nervous.  What is it?  Is it safe?  Will we be able to use it?  Will it replace us in our day jobs?&...

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Jonny joins the Interlink team

Jonny Thomas, Recruitment Consultant27 November 2017

Jonny is the latest new addition to the team, joining the business at an exciting time of growth.  With a solid six year’s recruitment experience behind him, he’s entering the world o...

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Writing your way to new business

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant18 September 2017

One of the many skills lawyers must possess, is the ability to write.  From drafting legal letters to preparing other legal documents, clear and concise written communication with finite attentio...

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