Career decisions for Associates – Should I move internationally?

Ryan Kerr, Associate Director26 March 2017

I’ve decided to write this having been in touch with several lawyers recently who have had to make important career decisions, and subsequently come to regret those choices because of the implic...

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How to use social media effectively

Interlink Recruitment19 March 2017

Social media is engrained in our everyday lives; if we love a moment, we capture it; if we have an opinion, we comment on it and if we come across something interesting, we share it.  And we can...

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Interlink introduces apprentice, Jack

Jack Garmory, Trainee Consultant, Interlink Recruitment.05 March 2017

We recently took on a new apprentice here at Interlink Recruitment.  We needed someone to assist us on the customer service side of things and thought an apprentice, who could learn all the recru...

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What happens if you relocate?

Louis Rosenthal - Director, Interlink Recruitment27 February 2017

Often, the reason why lawyers look to relocate across the country is due to personal circumstances.  Sometimes it can be for the right role but mostly, it’s a personal choice that drives th...

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Manchester's Inter-Professional Social

Adam Salkie, Operations Director, Interlink Recruitment19 February 2017

Last Thursday, 17th February was the 2017 annual Manchester Inter-Professional social, hosted by RICS Matrics Greater Manchester, Manchester Young Professionals, Manchester Young Solicitors Group...

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Who's for volunteering?

Jacob Thomas, Senior Consultant, Interlink Recruitment12 February 2017

Legal professionals are more than familiar with the need to give back but volunteering is often overlooked by many.  Mega busy work schedules and family commitments are the most cited reasons for...

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How to network successfully

Interlink Recruitment05 February 2017

It’s come up a few times in the blogs we have covered, the importance of networking for your legal career.  And more recently, in our Q&A with Steve Kuncewicz, Principal Lawyer (Bu...

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Gemma joins us!

Gemma Rush, Senior Consultant, Interlink Recruitment29 January 2017

While many professionals contemplate a new job in January, it’s the month I started mine here at Interlink Recruitment.  It was very much a case of new year, new start for me!...

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It's coming - manic March

Adam Salkie, Operations Director, Interlink Recruitment22 January 2017

You’ve worked your socks off!  You’ve stayed late assisting the Litigation team, even though your current training seat is in Corporate!  And yes, you’ve had those days whe...

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Feel at home as a Conveyancer

Nick Carroll, Associate Director, Interlink Recruitment15 January 2017

In the wake of the much-muted post-Brexit property apocalypse, a slowing of the juggernaut that is the London housing market and talk of lesser demand for properties in 2017 might concern some, but it...

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