The perils of cybercrime for Legal Cashiers

Gemma Rush, Senior Consultant, Legal Business Support Services, Interlink Recruitment31 May 2017

In this blog post we ask the question, is your Legal Cashier aware of the risks of cybercrime?   The legal profession is one of the highest targeted areas for cybercrime due to the amount o...

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Career decisions for Associates – The push to Partnership

Ryan Kerr, Associate Director, Interlink Recruitment21 May 2017

This is the second part article in our career decisions series, and arguably the most important and impactful in a lawyer’s career.   It’s great to speak to trainees and junior...

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How to keep your stamina as a lawyer

Interlink Recruitment14 May 2017

We don’t have to be the ones to tell you that lawyers work incredibly long hours, with few breaks throughout the working day and sometimes not even the chance to switch off at the evening or wee...

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Interview Preparation Tips

Jacob Thomas, Senior Consultant, Interlink Recruitment07 May 2017

For many it’s the most daunting aspect of searching for a new role, even the more experienced of us.  You’ve managed to land an interview for a position you are really interested in,...

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The flexible working revolution

Adam Salkie, Operations Director, Interlink Recruitment01 May 2017

“Accommodating, amenable, adaptable” – synonyms for the word ‘flexible’ are demonstrative of a positive association.  Words often linked with success and a thriving...

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Partner qualities - do you have them?

Interlink Recruitment23 April 2017

Partner qualities – do you have them? What are the skills and credentials needed to become a trusted, respected Partner at a law firm today?  Is there something in your legal arsenal tha...

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The highs and lows of a law firm merger

Nick Carroll, Associate Director, Interlink Recruitment18 April 2017

My own personal move into legal recruitment was driven by a desire to do something different within the legal industry.  But eventually, the straw that broke the camel’s back was due to...

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The changing face of legal admin

Gemma Rush, Senior Consultant, Interlink Recruitment10 April 2017

If you read my last blog, you will know I specialise in legal business support recruitment here at Interlink.  I spend my days speaking to legal office staff and it’s clear that behind...

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Career decisions for Associates – Should I move internationally?

Ryan Kerr, Associate Director26 March 2017

I’ve decided to write this having been in touch with several lawyers recently who have had to make important career decisions, and subsequently come to regret those choices because of the implic...

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How to use social media effectively

Interlink Recruitment19 March 2017

Social media is engrained in our everyday lives; if we love a moment, we capture it; if we have an opinion, we comment on it and if we come across something interesting, we share it.  And we can...

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