Writing your way to new business

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant18 September 2017

One of the many skills lawyers must possess, is the ability to write.  From drafting legal letters to preparing other legal documents, clear and concise written communication with finite attention to detail is vital.  But there’s more opportunity that can be gained from writing, over and above the everyday must-do text.     

Think business development, think marketing and think what a difference succinct, straightforward, relevant written content can make for you and your firm.  More and more law firms are embracing content marketing strategies because they know it’s a lucrative method to build new relationships, attract prospects and win client instructions.  As business and consumers alike turn to the internet to start their search for help with specific legal matters, a blog, video or other piece of content on a relevant theme can make the difference when it comes to the firm they choose.   

Why writing? 
If your firm hasn’t yet got a content marketing plan, then a written blog, newsletter or news section published on the website is the perfect, most cost-effective place to start.  However, commitment is needed to make sure material is kept up to date, that regular posts are written and shared.  It’s the genuine keywords appearing in the writing, used authentically, that will help your firm climb higher in the search engine rankings, appearing as and when people search for specific legal issues.  Sharing consistent, valuable content can help do this. 

Think of the reader
Readers of your online writing may have a varying degree of legal knowledge, from non-existent to a substantial amount of know-how on a given subject.  You need not deliver everything for everyone when you write, providing what is written can be understood by all readers, with technical terms simplified and relevance attached to everyday issues, then your blogs, articles or newsletters will be more successful in the public domain.  You can gain so much trust by sharing a little of what you know, as an expert in legal advice.

Call to action
Make it easy for those reading your blog post or news piece to get in touch with you.  Whether at the immediate end or in brightly coloured text boxes alongside the article, use links to take readers to an area where they can easily call or email you for more help, or sign up to receive the firm’s e-newsletter.  With content being consumed so quickly, it needs to be clear as day what you want readers to do next or you risk losing them to a competitor.     

Go solo
If you really love writing and are keen to build your own following, keeping your own legal-focussed blog can help immensely.  By doing it yourself you can bring a little more opinion into your writing and even balance it with your own personal experiences.  The beauty of a blog is having your personality coming through.  However, remember to be mindful of your audience and your goals.  If you’re looking to grow a portfolio of corporate clients then focus on what will interest them – don’t alienate them with anything too personal or irrelevant.  And tell people about your writing!  When you meet other like-minded professionals at networking events, you can send them across to your blog to read more on a given subject.  A sure-fire way to keep your name top of their mind!

If you are a legal professional willing to share your career experience on the Interlink Recruitment blog – please let Clare know!  We always love to hear about the different paths taken to get into law, the challenges faced and the battles won.  Send Clare an email to share your story,  clare.knowles@interlinkrecruitment.com

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