Winning new business in 2019

Adam Salkie, Operations Director, Interlink Recruitment14 January 2019

The legal profession, like any other, has had to adapt to the changing nature of the commercial world.  Developments in technology and communication have transformed the way we do business. And the methods we take to win it.  But there’s concern that some strategies aren’t always that ‘ethical’, especially when targeting consumers. Adam takes a closer look at how, and why…

National Divorce Day
The first Monday after the Christmas break is dubbed ‘National Divorce Day’. And all that week, solicitors nationwide expect to field more enquiries from unhappy couples following the stress of the Christmas period.  The hashtag #DivorceDay was trending across social media last week and came under a bit of scrutiny for its prolific use by law firms. Not only did some feel it lacked compassion, but others felt it brought a stain on the reputation of the profession. It has after all taken some time for the legal industry to shake off a bad reputation for overcharging and lacking care. 
It begs the question, how ‘aggressive’ can a law firm be in looking for new clients? Divorce is of course an extremely serious and upsetting time, it changes lives and families can be broken up.  Where should one draw the line in terms of making money and genuinely caring for people, helping them when they are at their most vulnerable?

Use it or lose it
It’s hard because the nature of the legal profession itself is to make money through helping people.  Those who did proactively market their services on social media using the #DivorceDay hashtag, may well have seen increased web traffic or enquiries for help.  For firms with a family law offering and a sizeable social media following, it would be ludicrous not to get a slice of the action.  After all, if they don’t do it, their competitors will.  The way consumers are targeted for all manner of legal work, from wills to conveyancing and personal injury has always caused some controversy. But in the same way gyms and healthy eating businesses do in January, law firms are merely addressing a need that’s always been there, at a particular time.  

Size, scale and spend
Social media is a free platform for everyone in the legal profession to take advantage of, and those not using it can fall behind in today’s digital age. Law firms of all sizes, including those with a limited marketing budget have the potential to communicate or advertise with a ready-made audience.  Larger firms are fortunate enough to have the resources to extend their budgets to other advertising streams to capture new audiences.  They may well blend their offline advertising campaigns in the local or national press, on television or radio with their online activity across the internet and social media. Online is where most of the people who need legal services can be found, and it’s where you can track and monitor the effectiveness of any advertising or posts – so a win all round! 

Brand Advocacy  
Even today while our heads are buried deep in technology, word of mouth and recommendations are a vital source of new business.  Whether people turn to a Facebook community or ask a friend, ‘Can anyone recommend a good divorce lawyer?’, there’s a lot to be said for excellent customer service and client care to make sure your firm is top of mind.  Community involvement and volunteering are vital for getting your firm’s brand ‘out there’ as much as posting on social media.

In today’s somewhat ‘crazy’ world, it’s clear both old and new methods work and there’s a need to give everything a go or risk falling behind in what is already a very competitive market.

If you are passionate about helping others with your legal know-how, whether as a Family lawyer, Personal Injury lawyer or one specialising in Wills and Probate and enjoy winning new business, then contact us for a discussion about your options.  We have several opportunities with family law firms across the North West, as well as PI roles across the country. Give us a call to talk through your situation with one of our trusted legal recruitment professionals.    

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