Why value employees before clients?

Interlink Recruitment09 October 2017

If asked the question who do you value more, your staff or your clients, on first thought you might well reply clients.  Of course, customers are important to your bottom line, to the sustainability and future growth of your firm but it all stems from the service they receive.  It’s your employees who deliver that service – the happier and more valued they feel, the harder they will work to serve your customers.

What difference does being valued make?
We’ve all been there at some point in our career, going the extra mile yet there’s no or little appreciation for the efforts we put in.  Recommending a change for the good of the department or business yet being ignored.  The more it happens, the more we start each Monday thinking ‘maybe this week’ someone within management will show they value me.  The more disengaged we become and struggle to enjoy what we do, the bigger impact it can have on our performance and customer service, and it’s then likely we start looking to work elsewhere.  A simple thank you or acknowledgment of a successful idea, the opportunity to talk more about any personal development issues can make the difference.  In the end, positivity rubs off on us all, even our customers.

Leadership value
Good leaders are those with vision, who inspire others and have strong people and communication skills.  Tactics vary depending on the size of any law firm but the leadership style stays the same.  In a small firm it’s an opportunity to give your employees more responsibility.  There can’t always be new job openings but there can be new challenges assigned to help your team grow and feel rewarded.  In a large firm, it’s making sure everyone from your paralegals up to your Senior Associates, even Partners too, feel trusted and engaged.  Are they happy in their work?  Are you recognising their excellent efforts?  Are you motivating them for the future?  Are you helping them when they need it? 
Treat your employees well, show them you care and recognise or even reward them, to celebrate successes together.  Then watch their motivation soar.

Spot the signs
Are there signs of staff feeling undervalued in your firm or team?  Maybe you are swamped yourself with a high volume of work and admittedly haven’t been able to spend as much time looking over your team as you would like?  Being able to recognise the signs of anyone feeling undervalued can help you address issues sooner, to save you losing talented individuals and the extra burden of recruiting.  Is team spirit lacking, are your team members struggling to keep pace with the workload?  Are your clients still happy or has there been an increase in complaints or a reduction in work?  Are your employees all running out the door as soon as the working day ends?

Understand employee value
Good employees, especially those that are highly-driven and ambitious want to be challenged in their work but also to be given freedom in how they work.  For law firms looking ahead to the leaders of tomorrow, it’s the ability to understand employees and what motivates them that will set them apart, leading a successful team.  That means taking an interest in employee development, helping to enhance their skills and stretch their capabilities further.  If people feel they are learning and moving forward, they will remain motivated.  Recognition is important too, from saying thank you to rewarding successes, employees are more likely to be committed to achieving excellence when they feel appreciated, supported or involved. 

If you are feeling undervalued at your current firm, give us a call to talk through your options in the marketplace.  Maybe you work in HR at a law firm and recognise the need for improved employee value?  We can work together to look at individual or team hires that can make the difference, email Louis Rosenthal, Managing Director of Interlink Recruitment, louis@interlinkrecruitment.com for more information.

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