The pressure of January

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant, Interlink Recruitment28 January 2019

This week sees the month of January come to an end – thank goodness I hear you all say!  It’s a long old month is January.  The darker days, the length of time till the next pay cheque, adjusting to life after a bit of excess ‘slothing’ over Christmas.  Then there’s the challenges set at the start of the month – your January could be a dry one, a vegan one or even one where you run every day.

While January is a bit of a struggle, we can learn to thrive from the pressures of it.  Whether a personal achievement or getting something long overdue started, we should learn to take the positives from everything we do in this difficult of months.

Champion sobriety
Some of the team here at Interlink have kickstarted the year with a bit of ‘healthy fundraising’, abstaining from all booze consumption until Friday. They are doing it to raise money for Francis House Children’s Hospice, our nominated charity for the year.  In theory it sounds straightforward, but as many of you might know, it’s quite challenging in practice.  Alcohol plays an integral part of our lives socially and for us legal recruiters, meeting a candidate over a glass of wine is often a great start to an initial candid chat about careers.  As some mark the end of an exhausting week with a large glass of red, going home to a steaming mug of tea doesn’t have quite the same appeal.  But our team are enjoying the heathier benefits a few weeks without alcohol brings – so well done to them and to all of you who have taken on a January challenge. You’re just days away from seeing it through!  Be proud of that fact and know you have the strength to achieve your goals.  

A year in the balance
What’s probably made this January worse than many others before it, is uncertainty. We blogged on the subject last week and how it’s keeping law firms busy for now. But when we look at the bigger picture from a personal point of view, all this arguing over our country is worrying.  In fact, a Jeremey Vine phone-in a few weeks ago discussed how the uncertainty over Brexit is affecting people’s mental health. People are suffering from anxiety, lack of sleep and other such physical symptoms all over the worry of our uncertain futures.  Many of these issues are so far outside of our control but having a plan may help ease them.  Having conversations with local experts can help do that - so seek their advice.   If you are unsure about selling your home, speak with a local estate agency.  If you don’t know where to book a holiday, speak with a local travel agency.  And of course, for careers advice, especially in the face of an uncertain and potentially volatile market, a chat with a local recruitment agency is always helpful.

Take your time
Sometimes the biggest pressures in January are the ones we put on ourselves.  With social media at our fingertips and people posting about their 25th run in 25 days or pictures of another amazing plate of food without a morsel of meat in sight - we feel compelled to keep up with other people’s success.  It’s very easy to put too much unnecessary pressure on ourselves.  Instead we should set our own goals and work at them at our own pace, in our own time. If we break down larger goals into stages or ‘mini goals’, we are likely to feel more confident about achieving them and will stick to them. Whether you’ve managed to get up in the pitch black and make it to the office early when you said you would, or you’ve made a start getting a new CV together – just be proud of yourself for getting through January!  

If one of the pressures you’ve faced this January is with your legal career, then contact one of our expert legal recruiters for a confidential discussion about your circumstances and the options available to you. Or, perhaps you work on the support side for a law firm and are feeling undervalued.  Our business support specialists can talk you through current opportunities we have or help you set a plan in place, to give you the job satisfaction you deserve.  Contact one of our team today.

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