The importance of 'social'

Interlink Recruitment09 September 2019

Here at Interlink Recruitment we make sure we have a regular calendar of social events for all our team members. While they’re not compulsory, they are very popular, and we find they make a big difference to the interaction and engagement we have with each other. With the ultimate benefit being a boost in morale and productivity!

Why downtime matters
Recruitment is a very fast-paced job and believe it or not, you can find yourself working right round the clock. Candidates are often unavailable for discussions throughout the day, so we may take calls first thing in the morning, throughout lunchtime or in the evening. And for those working in our International team and communicating with law firms and legal professional across different continents, time zones play havoc with a typical working day. Throw into the mix internal meetings and developmental training sessions, and before you know it, the week’s run away with you.

Socialising brings us together
Despite the fact we work in a large open plan office, it’s not until a day or night out that some of the different teams across the business get to properly meet one another. That’s why it’s important we have a regular calendar of social events planned. That and the fact it’s part of the Interlink culture to work hard and play hard. Stepping away from the pressure of the working day, having a laugh and getting to know our colleagues all helps to make us feel more valued and appreciated. It’s this that leads to an improvement in productivity. Some of our events are reward-based too, offered as an incentive to those who achieve their targets or go the extra mile.

Here are some of the events and activities our recruitment consultants can look forward to across the rest of the year.
Bongo’s Bingo
Yes, if you work in Manchester you may know that Bongo’s Bingo is back in town this week at the Albert Hall. And pretty much the whole Interlink team will be there! We’re looking forward to getting our eyes down (if we can still see straight), raving at our table and winning some awesomely funny prizes (hopefully!). Follow our Instagram for more pictures throughout the night!

Lunch at San Carlo
Those team members who have successfully met their billing targets will be taken to San Carlo for a slap-up lunch in October. Always a favourite for us at Interlink since our King Street offices days, San Carlo is one of our go-to restaurants for treating staff who have put in an exceptional performance. The only difficult decision here is what to have off the menu…!

Christmas trip to Amsterdam
Rather than a party or a Christmas lunch, we shall once again be whisking the whole team away for the weekend by way of team Christmas celebrations. This year we are off to Amsterdam in December where we will spend some time cruising along the canal in a barge and having a team dinner before a celebratory big night out. We have some local sightseeing planned for the following day, but we’re keeping that bit a surprise for the team, for now! 

Races are booked for 2020
A team day at the races has become a regular fixture on our social calendar for the Summer and we’ve already booked Cheltenham for 2020. Loved by the lads and ladies alike, it’s a brilliant day out and sees the team come together in real style. Some of us are just hoping to be a little more successful on the old gee gees next time round!

If you have a legal background but are considering a career change, get in touch with us to discuss the opportunities we have, recruiting for some of the leading law firms across the world. Alternatively, if you have several years’ experience recruiting for professional services staff, then we’d also love to hear from you.
As a recruitment consultant at Interlink you can be sure of plenty of social activities as much as opportunities for career progression, competitive commission and all the tools you need to make a success of your recruitment career. Send your CV complete with covering letter to
Daniel Rosenthal today. 

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