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Interlink Recruitment21 December 2020

As Beth explained in her blog post last week, our team of legal recruitment consultants would have been celebrating Christmas in Dublin this year. It was Amsterdam last year - brrr! But as we all know, how we celebrate Christmas in 2020 will be a little bit different. That said, some things remain firm favourites at Christmas time, and we’ve asked our team about theirs. Find out more…

Christmas Movies

Hands up! Who just can’t wait until December and has already sneaked a watch of Elf, or Home Alone, or Polar Express before the festive season? There’s nothing better than getting cosy and snuggling up to a feel-good Christmas film. And here’s what comes in as top favourites amongst some of the Interlink team.

Joint top is of course, Elf! Yes, our Commercial Director Daniel Rosenthal has it as his favourite and enjoys any scene where James Caan gets exasperated. Recruitment Consultant Ciaran Connolly rates it too, as it is always a tradition for his family to watch it together on Christmas Eve. And ranking with Elf is Home Alone, which for Consultant Thomas Crea brings back childhood memories of Christmas Eve every time - plus he says you can’t beat a film featuring Joe Pesci. Our Marketing Consultant Clare Knowles also rates Home Alone, which she always sits down to watch every Christmas Eve – once all the veggies are prepped for the Christmas Dinner of course! Meanwhile, Michael Madeley prefers the second of the Home Alone films, and enjoys watching Home Alone 2 every year, never getting bored of it.

Other favourite Christmas films across the business include Jingle All the Way, which Daniel Harris gives top marks for because as he says, you have to love Arnold’s terrible acting (he did use an alternative adjective to describe Arnie’s acting but we’re keeping things clean for the festive season!). Both George Langford and Jack Tierney give Love Actually their Christmas movie No.1 spot. George finds Hugh Grant entertaining, dancing his way around No.10 Downing Street, while Jack is a sucker for rom-coms and watches it every year during the run up to Christmas to get himself in the Christmas spirit. His favourite scene is when the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) goes knocking on doors to find Natalie.

Sing-along at Christmas
We might groan when we hear the dulcet tones of Noddy Holder shouting “It’s Christmaaas!” down the radio airwaves, but we all secretly enjoy a hum or a wiggle to a festive tune. And our team at Interlink all have something different they like. Michael Madeley’s favourite is Slade’s “Merry Christmas Everyone”, while for George Langford it’s probably “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues – as he says, it’s a Christmas Classic for a reason. Daniel Rosenthal enjoys the 50s classic “Santa Baby” as sung by Eartha Kitt, and for Jack Tierney, “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey is his favourite by far. As well as finding it more upbeat than some of the other Christmas classics, as soon as he hears it on the radio, it gets him in the festive spirit and excited for Christmas.

Daniel Harris chooses “Last Christmas” by Wham as he says you can’t beat a bit of Georgy boy. And for Thomas Crea it is Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” – the ultimate guilty pleasure! For Ciaran Connolly, “A Spaceman came Travelling” by Chris De Burgh is his favourite because it is normally the first song his Mum would put on in the car when travelling to Christmas Day Mass. Picking one Christmas song is tricky for Marketing Consultant Clare as there are loads which she loves, and she does enjoy getting her Christmas playlist on Spotify come the start of December. But she is partial to a bit of, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, and it has to be the Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews version.

Boxing Day plans
Understandably, a lot of the traditions and family visits we usually have planned for Boxing Day are going to have to be postponed this year. And with the announcements from the government over the weekend, even more plans are going to have to change. 
For many here at Interlink, the pub features as the number one place to spend Boxing Day and that’s usually no different for both Jack and Tom. Boxing Day is when Jack would usually see all his friends at the pub, but he doubts that won't be happening this year, for obvious reasons. Instead, he will likely be spending more time with his family. Some of his extended family are coming together for Christmas Day as he hasn’t spent much (if any) time with them this year because of the restrictions which have been in place.

Ciaran’s family would normally head to Stoke to visit family, but instead will be staying at home this year. Clare likes to get some form of exercise in on Boxing Day to make up for the over-indulgence of the day before, but this year she will be busy packing read for moving home a few days later. It would be Old Trafford for Daniel Rosenthal normally, but he will be in front of the goggle-box for the football this year. And for Michael, it’s simple, he’s going to eat, and drink more than he probably should and hope not to break the scales come the New Year!

Interlink Recruitment would like to wish all our customers, friends, and colleagues a very merry Christmas and happy New Year. If you would like to join the Interlink Recruitment team in 2021, email an up-to-date copy of your CV to Daniel, Here’s to a successful 2021!

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