Speed networking with the Manchester Law School

Clare Knowles, Marketing Consultant26 March 2018

We recently took part in the Careers in Law ‘Meet the Employers’ networking event with the Manchester Metropolitan University’s Manchester Law School.  A fantastic opportunity for us, not only as legal recruiters with an understanding of what law firms are looking for, but as former legal professionals too, to share our knowledge and lend advice.

Three of our specialist legal consultants attended the afternoon event at the MMU; Sal Shahid, Sarah Newby and Jonny Thomas, each with a different background and role here at Interlink, spoke with law students from first years to graduates, offering legal career advice.

Speed networking with employers
The format of the afternoon was done with speed in mind, allowing students to network with as many employers as possible, and vice versa.  There were fifteen minutes to be had with each student before the bell rang and it was time to meet another.  Students had the chance to speak with mostly law firms at the event, with Interlink Recruitment being only one of a pair of legal recruitment consultancies in attendance.

True diversity for the future
What stood out for the team on the day was the sheer diversity of students at the MMU, the different cultures, backgrounds and unique experiences.  While the students know they want to qualify in law, it’s still early days as they look ahead to what their legal futures will be.  However, understanding some of the scenarios and aspirations for the students, saw the team able to share advice on what direction to take, which path to go down and the options based on their current strengths. 

The value of experience  
While there’s lots of importance placed on academic achievement at this stage, one of the key pieces of advice that was good to share with the students, was the value of experience.  The competition in the legal sector is massive and in cities like Manchester it’s even more so, with students from across the world coming to study and eventually practise law.  The team were not only advising students on the importance of experience to add substance to their CV, but also to try and get work experience in the modules and practice areas they think they enjoy before evaluating whether it’s still for them.  Yes, the academics are important, but you can never have too much experience, either.

Career examples
Rather than brochures and leaflets, the Interlink Recruitment team took with them some printouts of career examples we have gathered from legal professionals.  Our series of
Q&A interviews with lawyers from different backgrounds were well received by the law students on the day, showcasing some of the different routes into law, the experience gained at the early stages of qualification and the effort and dedication required to get where you aim to be. 

If you are a law student and would be interested in advice in time for your legal career starting, get in touch with the Interlink Recruitment team today.  You can call us on 0161 839 4388 or email us at

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