Meet Mario in our North West Private Practice team

Mario Campos, Recruitment Consultant13 January 2020

Mario joined Interlink back in September 2019, following time spent as a Paralegal at a high street law firm in Bolton. Today he recruits for Paralegals across the Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire regions, in our North West Private Practice team. Find out more about him, his background and why he’s finding a career in recruitment a positive challenge.

How did you come to study law at University?

I moved to the UK from Portugal with my Mum when I was seven years old. It took me a few years to learn to speak English fluently, but once I did, I was studying all the time. My Mum was a big influence, she encouraged me to focus on my studies; I actually wanted to be a footballer when I was younger.  While I studied hard, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to go on to do. It was while taking my A-level law that I took an interest in the criminal side and decided I would go on to study law at university, which I did at the University of Liverpool.

What did you do before landing a position in recruitment?
Straight after graduating, I got a job in Human Resources with the Post Office and moved to Bolton. But after eighteen months or so, I felt there was little progression to be had with the role and I wanted to do something that made use of my degree. That’s when I landed a Paralegal position, working in the Criminal department at a high street law firm in Bolton. I gained a lot of experience in my time at the firm, not just work experience but I learned a lot about life in general. It was a very interesting job and I was passionate about it, especially the fact that I was helping to make a difference. The only problem for me was that there were limited opportunities to progress in my role, not without studying for my OPC and I didn’t feel it was worth it. So, I considered my skill set – I’ve always been good at talking to people, showing empathy, listening and understanding others, hence I decided to get into recruitment.

What do you enjoy most about recruitment?
I enjoy the thrill of completing a negotiation. Working in recruitment is not too dissimilar to the work of a football agent. Your role involves negotiating contracts, agreeing a final salary, and of course finding the right fit between the candidate and the firm. When you get all those things agreed and a candidate accepts a job offer, it gives you a real buzz. That’s when I leave work feeling a true sense of accomplishment, which is something you don’t often get working at other places.

How have you found your first few months working at Interlink?
I’m really enjoying it so far, it’s a great environment for young recruiters who have ambition and are keen to get their head down and achieve results. I recruit for Paralegals across the North West as well as Solicitors in the Lancashire region and I have complete freedom to choose how I want to go about doing things. I am given the tools and the platform to fulfil my role and thereafter I can choose how to go about it. If you’re entrepreneurial, keen to develop relationships and learn about business then Interlink is a great place to work. Everyone is very friendly here too, and the general feel across the office is quite laid back, although we all know how to work hard!

How do you spend your time away from your recruitment desk?
I do a lot of fitness outside of work, I spend time boxing training and I box at amateur level. That really helps me with my mental health; to stay focused. It brings good discipline too, which I’m able to carry through to my career. I’m a very active person and always looking for things to do.

Tell us one thing about yourself that we’d never know…
I’m a very good cook. In fact, I would go so far to say that I can cook better than my Mum! Admittedly I’ve not done as much cooking of late, but I can cook up a very good Italian dish or curry when needed.

If like Mario, you’ve graduated with your law degree but can’t find the right legal career path for you, why not consider recruitment? We’re always looking to add talented legal professionals to our recruitment team in Manchester: individuals who have experience in law and understand the dynamics of the profession. We have several opportunities including the chance to recruit for in-house legal roles, law firms overseas and temporary locum positions. Send us your CV to apply.

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