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Interlink Recruitment30 April 2018

One of the key factors for anyone considering where they are going to work, is the distance from home, how they’ll get to work and of course, how the long the commute will be.  And vice versa when it comes to finding somewhere to live.  The pair go hand in hand – location is as important to where you work as where you choose to live.  But with rising house prices, especially in the Captial, there’s not always the luxury of choice.

The results of the 2018 CBI/CBRE London business survey were recently published and highlighted once again the impact of London’s housing market on business.  Compared with figures in 2015, two thirds of businesses (66%) believe the cost and availability of housing is having a negative impact on the recruitment of entry-level staff.  This is the same for over half of the businesses surveyed, when it comes to recruiting mid-level managerial staff, while 22% of businesses found it a problem when hiring staff at senior level. 

Is it really that bad?
Perhaps not for law firms in the London region where salaries, even for junior lawyers are significantly above the national average.  Yet it may prove to be a problem for recruiting support staff, although restructuring over the past few years has seen most of the big firms move that resource to other areas of the country.  For businesses outside of the legal profession, the lack of affordable housing in London is clearly having an impact and many have had to either offer premium wages to attract or retain staff while they struggle to offer flexible part-time employment.  And employees are torn between being priced out of the capital or having to face substantial commuting costs.  

Travel considerations
The daily commute is a huge consideration for us as legal recruiters – when we speak with candidates about a new role, we always consider their personal needs from either a commuting or flexible working perspective.  There are some legal professionals we help move away from the City to firms in other areas of the country where the work life balance is better, and they can get more pounds for their property, but we also help just as many with exciting new opportunities at leading City firms.   
Whether it’s the South of England, the Midlands or Yorkshire, we always make sure to approach candidates with realistic opportunities, taking into their account their location preferences from a career and home life perspective.  Even more reason why we take the time to know where our clients are based!

Where development works
There are parts of the country brimming with optimism thanks to investment in both commercial and residential property.  Areas such as Leeds, Rotherham and even Manchester are seeing a resilient property market – new homes are being built, investor confidence is high and business communities are strong.  And that’s mirrored within the legal industry where demand for skilled lawyers, conveyancers and support staff remains.  As these cities grow, so does the opportunity for legal professionals with firms expanding all the time and offering not only excellent commuter links but a healthy choice of housing too.  While legal professionals working in the City of London may not be the hardest hit, for business in general, one thing’s for sure – the Government can’t build those new, affordable houses quick enough!

Whether you live or work in Scotland, the North West, the Midlands, the City or the South East, we have a dedicated team of legal recruitment consultants who can help you.  If you are looking for a new role within your legal career, or perhaps you need advice on what’s out there for you, contact us to speak with one of our expert legal recruiters today.     

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