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Joseph Rahim, Senior Consultant10 February 2020

With over twelve years’ experience as a practising Solicitor, our Senior Consultant Joseph heads up our North West Private Practice legal recruitment team. Find out more about his legal career background, his sporting achievements and why he’s enjoying a new role in recruitment here at Interlink.

Tell us more about how you got into law?
I had my sights set on a career in law and started studying for my law degree after college, at the University of Leeds. From there I went on to do the LPC at Manchester Metropolitan University. Upon graduating, I became a trainee solicitor at Stephensons where I spent a couple of years before taking on my first qualified role at Irwin Mitchell. Here, I worked on Private Criminal Defence and high-value Personal Injury cases for around four and a half years.

What areas of law did you go on to specialise in?
I took on a new role at a smaller law firm in Knutsford next, where I specialised in high-value Personal Injury work alongside Commercial Litigation. My hard work paid off and I soon became a department manager, Head of Travel Litigation, with eight experienced lawyers and four Paralegals working within my team. My role saw me deal with many cases outside of UK jurisdiction. Dealing with accidents on planes, boats and overseas, I had to get to grips with different laws and conventions to successfully handle clients’ claims. I spent six years at the firm and over time became more involved in the business development and marketing side.

What brought you to recruitment?
With news of the PI reforms coming into play, I looked for a practice area change, thinking it best to move away from Personal Injury. At this point I joined a small family law firm in Altrincham where I worked autonomously for two years, handling Commercial and Real Estate / Property Litigation matters. Again, my ability to network saw me doing lots of business development, bringing in my own business for the firm. Things took a very sad and difficult turn when the firm’s Managing Partner passed away. By this time, my children had started high school and I felt the time was right for me to head back to working in Manchester city centre. A friend of a friend recommended I had a chat with Louis at Interlink about my options. One conversation led to another, and I thought I’d give recruitment a try. It’s something I’d never thought of before but was really excited about when it was put to me.

Why do you think you’re suited to a role in recruitment?
I have spent fifteen years working in law, if you include the time spent during my training contract. I was very much ready for a change. The thought of something new, something different, excited me. Having done lots of networking, marketing and bringing in new business for the law firms I worked at, I thought I would be good at recruitment. Since starting here at Interlink in December last year, I haven’t looked back. My everyday role sees me out and about in Manchester, reconnecting with friends I have studied, trained and worked with. Of course, my years of legal experience are really helpful, they give me that inside knowledge and understanding of how law firms operate. There are plenty of transferable skills I can bring to this role too, which have helped me to hit the ground running.

And what about life at Interlink specifically, how are you finding that?
It’s a great place to be, very different to life in a law firm, but a refreshing change. I enjoy working with a team of younger people, too. They give me a bit of a boost and a ‘lust for life’ if you like. Compared to working as a Senior Solicitor where I’d spend most of my time with those middle-aged and older, this is quite a different environment. We’re based in an excellent location, with easy access to Manchester and clients across the city. And there are plenty of events to get involved in, which is great for networking, something I enjoy doing.

How do you spend your time when you are not at work?
I am involved in quite a few sporting pursuits. I am the Captain of a cricket team, the ‘Trafford Solicitors’ – we won the league last season, which was when I took on the captaincy role. I used to play cricket at Academy level for Lancashire County Cricket Club and have played at club level too. As I got older and started my family, cricket being the lengthy game it is, it was taking up too much of my time. So, to please the wife, I took up golf instead. I like to go on golf trips with friends; we try and get to play at famous golf clubs around the world.
I signed myself up to the Interlink 5-a-side football team recently and we had our first game last week, in preparation for the Business 5’s tournament. That was a good evening, although I couldn’t move for a good few days afterwards! I think I might need to take on more of a Player/Manager role. I did used to play a lot of football years back, until I broke my leg.
Nowadays, I am still very much involved with the game outside of work, albeit in a coaching capacity. I coach my daughter’s team, the Altrincham FC Girls Under 12s side. It’s the first year of doing it and it’s quite a full-on, time consuming role. There’s lots of administration and safeguarding, and responsibility! But at least I get to support my daughter and her team every Saturday.
You’ll also find me on the sidelines of a rugby pitch most weekends too, supporting my son. And I have a large dog, a Hungarian Vizsla, who I enjoy taking on walks around the Cheshire countryside.

What advice would you give to anyone starting a career in law?
My advice would be to focus on becoming a good technical solicitor first and foremost, in the practice area you choose. And choosing which area that’s going to be is important. Having good understanding and commercial awareness of the legal industry as a whole will help you in making that decision. Then, it’s important to look at becoming a businessperson, with the ability to grow into a successful ‘rainmaker’. Someone who can be self-sufficient in making new contacts and bringing new work into the firm. Law firms will find you very desirable as a candidate if you have a following and a good flow of work, especially at the senior level, when it comes to pa
rtner roles.

Tell us something about yourself we’d never know…
I was once touted as a model! Having broken my nose on five separate occasions, a doctor friend wanted to use me as a model at a seminar to undergo a non-surgical nose job. That’s how bad it was! I had to endure 25 nurses who were undergoing training, watching me as I underwent the procedure while it was recorded and played on a big screen. I have also had a large amount of Botox (which has worn off). My wife, who is also a nurse, worked in the aesthetics industry for a brief period of time and needed a male model to practise on. David Gandy and I, therefore, have very much in common!

Joseph recruits for mostly Senior Solicitor positions in Manchester and the surrounding area across the Corporate, Commercial Litigation and Real estate practice areas. However, whatever your discipline, if you’re looking for legal career advice from a seasoned expert who knows the industry, or for help finding your next legal role in Manchester, speak with Joseph in confidence about your circumstances. You can call him at the office on 0161 834 0225 or send him an email to arrange a convenient time to talk,

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