Fatherhood and recruitment

Adam Salkie, Operations Director14 May 2018

For those that don’t know, I recently became a father for the first time.  14th March 2018 is no doubt the greatest day of my life with my greatest achievement fulfilled when Hanna Eva came into the world.  She is named in loving memory after my Mum, and my wife and I are besotted with her. 

Can you plan?
It is true that from the moment friends, family and acquaintances heard the news we were expecting, I had never previously come across any other occasion where everyone wants to give positive advice, tell horror stories or want to help in equal measure.
Conflicting advice abounds.  From the best prams to whether the baby should have a dummy, to ante-natal classes or whether to have a water birth.  The reality is, as any parent knows, it’s very hard to prepare but the one thing that stuck, which someone pointed out to me; an apt description is ‘gamechanger’.  In a hugely positive way. 
One of my best friends was, and is, a great source of help and he has always said to us, ignore all the horror stories and just embrace and enjoy it all.  Which is exactly what we have done.

Balancing work and fatherhood
For new parents, going back to work is always a difficult time and that’s as much the same for Dads as it is Mums.  A study conducted by Working Families at the start of last year, saw approximately half of the surveyed fathers feel the balance between both family and work was an increasing source of stress.  I am very lucky that both the industry I work in, legal recruitment and the company I work for, Interlink Recruitment both allow me to prosper at varying stages throughout out my life.  Whereas before I didn’t, I may now need to include some degree of flexibility in my career, to better balance work and fatherhood.  And I am very fortunate my employer can support me with that.
No-one says it is easy and becoming a new Dad can make things difficult (for some a lack of sleep can prove problematic), but a few lifestyle changes can help hugely in coping.  Here’s some I find useful…

Make time spent with family count  
For me, the weekend is all about family.  Whether that be taking the baby for a walk on the Sunday, eating out together as a family or simply relaxing at home, I make a point to spend time with my wife and daughter.  I also set aside time during the week where I can assist and take some of the burden away from my wife (bath time, feeding, changing etc).

Be organised
I have found that being as organised as possible is crucial to balancing work-life.  My wife and I plan the week ahead together, I prepare lunches for work in advance and look to try and make life as simple as possible with effective time management.  Yes – easier said than done with a baby!  But a little bit of forward planning makes a huge difference.

Paternity leave
I enjoyed my couple of weeks’ paternity leave and Interlink Recruitment, as always, were very supportive throughout everything.  While some new Dads prefer a longer time spent at home with baby, I was keen after two weeks’ leave to get back into work and support my family. 

Added responsibility
Being truly responsible for a person who totally relies on you is immensely rewarding, and at the same time, daunting.  Maturity properly kicks in and it’s time to take the responsibility seriously and positively.  Whether others have noticed the change in me since becoming a father, I’m not sure yet but I can honestly say that fatherhood has been the greatest thing that has happened in my life, and I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead.

If you’re a father working in the legal profession and feel your work life balance at your current firm is not working out for you and your family, then give Adam a call.  He can talk you through market conditions and what options are available to you – give him a call on 0161 214 6118 or drop him an email, adam@interlinkrecruitment.com.

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