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Interlink Recruitment21 October 2019

Earlier this month the 5th annual Lawshare conference took place at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester. It was an opportunity for JMW’s Lawsave members and other law firm leaders to come together and learn more about employee engagement.

As gold sponsors of this year’s event, a team of our consultants attended the afternoon to do some networking and take part in the conference. We also had the privilege of having our Managing Director Louis Rosenthal sit on one of the panels of speakers, discussing the negative side of employee engagement, i.e. worst practice and what happens when employee engagement is not done correctly. Of course, as recruiters, we often see the results of worst practice employee engagement, hence legal professionals come to us to find new opportunities. The conference was a good platform to share such real-world examples with the attendees.    

Inspiration from Darryl Cooke
With speakers throughout the afternoon from a range of leading businesses, we also heard from co-founder of challenger law firm Gunnercooke LLP, Darryl Cooke. Our team found Darryl’s talks very interesting especially as it delved into the thinking and strategy behind running a successful law firm. Darryl talked about how he navigated his way through many challenges first-hand and the lessons learned that come with the failures and successes. Employee engagement being one of them! And he himself looked to some of the world’s most inspirational leaders while building Gunnercooke, people such as Steve Jobs, Angus Thirlwell and Mr. Timpson.

Takeaway tips on employee engagement
There were some very interesting points discussed at the event, with other business leaders sharing their own strategies and success stories. Something for law firm leaders to think about at a time when retaining staff is as imperative as ever. So, what are some of the key learnings we took away from the event? Our team share some of the things that stood out for them.
-           Workplace surveys are a very useful tool and a positive influence when it comes to finding out how staff are feeling. They help pinpoint issues and concerns, allowing businesses to carry out the necessary changes for improvement.
-           The smallest acts of kindness can make a very big difference, especially when it comes to managing staff personal issues. Showing care, empathy and a genuine sense of understanding helps to influence employees positively. This then spreads and embeds itself into the core values of a business, having an equally positive effect on brand reputation. Prospective employees can easily review the market through sites like Glassdoor, Best Companies and Review Solicitors. The better firms treat their staff, the more likely the feedback will be favourable.
-           The wellbeing and care of staff was mentioned often. Staff general wellbeing and making sure they have the right work-life balance is crucial. One of the speakers, Claire Smith from Moneypenny spoke about how they as a business go the extra mile to ensure their workforce is happy and engaged. They firmly believe in talking to your staff to understand how they feel and what’s important to them, to help improve their working life. An open-door policy and having good communication with employees can help keep them motivated and engaged.
-           Law firms especially are having to do more and more to retain their staff, to keep employee morale elevated at a time when competition for the best talent is very high. Flexible working as a benefit, free bars for socialising and bringing people together and training and development to ensure a progressive career path are all things firms can do improve employee engagement.
-           There are lots of little things firms can do to make a difference, too. Providing access to free exercise classes to help staff de-stress, giving some time off work for a birthday or on the anniversary of a bereavement, or providing access to insurances can all play a big part in helping staff feel valued. Small changes and a true connection with staff can make a very big difference, as many of the speakers could vouch for.  

If you are a legal professional sensing a lack of engagement at your current firm, speak with one of our professional legal consultants today about new opportunities for you. Whether you are at the start of your legal career or your next move needs to be strategic in line with your greater career plans, we can help you find the right opportunity with the right firm.

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