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Jonny Thomas, Recruitment Consultant03 April 2018

Looking at the conveyancing market at the start of 2018, conveyancers across the country started the year with confidence, staying hopeful and optimistic that instructions will remain prevalent and work volumes will increase, while new processes come into force. 
In this blog post, we look at an emerging strategy that’s helping conveyancing firms train their workforce, to cope with not only the potential rising demand but also the changes ahead for conveyancers.

Addressing the housing market

Government initiatives were needed to boost the country’s housing market, especially at the first-time buyer end, and several of these may well make a difference for the year ahead.  While the abolishment of the stamp duty fees for first-time buyers is helping them get onto the property ladder quicker, it does add more complexity to the conveyancing process with a fourth rate of stamp duty now applicable to residential property transactions.  The recent reforms to the National Planning Policy Framework which sees local authorities given targets to build more homes, including affordable ones, sees the Government pushing ahead to hit their ambitious target to build 300,000 new homes a year.  All good news for first-time buyers, likewise conveyancers too.

Changes for conveyancers  
As well as increased volumes, the conveyancing market is looking at a year of change with the streamlining of the buying and selling process, improved transparency, the need to reduce the risk of fraud and money laundering as well as the digitisation of services.  This is the month digital alternatives to paper conveyancing and registration start, with land transactions and registrations being able to be do done by e-signature.  At the same time, here at Interlink Recruitment we are seeing an uplift in conveyancers looking to make a move to firms that can offer training and career progression, so they can stay ahead of these new industry initiatives and be able to offer the best service to homebuyers.

In-house pathway to success
Understanding consumer needs for more transparency and clarity throughout the conveyancing process; two firms announced last month, they’ve joined to form ‘The Conveyancing University’ and provide a pathway for the property lawyers of tomorrow.  The focus is on training high quality conveyancing, alongside legal knowledge and customer service to create teams of customer-centric conveyancers, dedicated to offering the very best service.  Leicester-based JS Law was the first CIC regulated practice approved by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) to deliver the Level 4 and Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice.  
The in-house course allows staff to attend all modules during their working day, sitting assessments within the workplace too.  JS Law is renowned for its staff training and has created this new programme to build on that, equipping graduates with a range of transferrable skills, allowing them to work at a pace that suits.  Delivered through combined practical and theory work, the comprehensive programme covers a range of topics, including essential technical and legal areas to enhance depth of knowledge and developing soft skills for better customer service and client relations. 

Growing the profession
Of course, any steps taken to enhance skills and improve overall service quality is a good thing and JS Law is setting the standard with the ‘The Conveyancing University’.  However, there are still many changes to the conveyancing profession on the way which will require all conveyancers to take on new skills and embrace new methods.  Some firms may well be waiting to see how the market sits over the course of the next few months, with Brexit decisions, interest rates and overall property demands being met, before they invest in entire training programmes for their conveyancing departments.  But, there’s no doubt improving staff retention and boosting staff morale, by growing your own conveyancers is a clever, cost-effective approach to upskilling staff.  In a competitive conveyancing market, it’s certainly going to help raise the bar.

Specialising in Conveyancing roles across the South of the country, contact Jonny if you’re interested in making a move to a firm that offers career progression.  Or perhaps you want to discuss the options available to you across the South? If so, give him a call on 0161 214 6110 or email him,   

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