Cancel the Christmas Do!

Beth Johnson, Senior Administrator14 December 2020

For everyone, Christmas 2020 is a bit different this year. As people cancel the Christmas Do and rethink the festive celebrations, here’s what some businesses and firms are doing instead.

We cancelled our trip
Yes, while we would usually all be excited talking about what we are going to pack, what time everyone is getting to the airport, or whether there is anyone who we can share a taxi with, this year we are just hoping that we will be in tier 2 by the end of December! We should have been in Dublin this month for our staff celebrations, drinking pints of Guinness and having a good dance in Copperface Jacks. Instead, we are all sat here reminiscing on last year’s Christmas Do to icy Amsterdam. Thinking of the many Heinekens we all drank while freezing our fingers off on a boat in the middle of the Amstel river!

Keep staff spirits up
With morale low in offices around the UK (including ourselves) it is more important than ever for firms to come up with alternative options to the usual festive activities. Even if there is no plan for an alternative version of a Christmas Party, it is important to try to boost morale in other ways and give staff members the recognition they deserve. This can be done in a number of ways: bonuses based on performance, planning new incentive trips for next year, sending out hampers to those staff who have been working from home alone for the past nine months, or giving extra days annual leave. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it will make.

Christmas Party alternatives
If you are not planning to do something for Christmas this year, why not? There are still many alternative ways for everyone to connect at home. Yes, it’s not the same as actually getting everyone in one place but it will still help everyone to celebrate together at least once before Christmas and New Year. Of course, a lot of firms are planning to do a Zoom party! Yes, no longer is Zoom just being used for having a few drinks with your friends like we all did in the first lockdown, it is now being used massively within firms for meetings, interviews, and even office parties! We know of one firm who is sending out Christmas Party bags so that they can all celebrate a great year and have a cheeky glass of wine together. Online parties are varying massively but one thing I have seen during these celebrations is the giving of awards to members of staff for different achievements throughout the year. The winners get gift vouchers to spend, which is always a nice way to end the year!

Gift Christmas Funds to Charity
A lot of firms will have usually set a Christmas party budget, but with online parties taking place instead, there are plenty of funds to spare. This has led to many announcing they will be donating the usual Christmas Do funds to a nominated charity instead. For example, a law firm in Yorkshire is donating its Christmas budget to the Trussell Trust. Personally, I want to say a massive thank you to any firm that does this, as with a high population of people out there on furlough, charities have seen a massive drop in donations these past nine months. As we have all seen, this year has taken a massive toll on peoples’ mental health and our chosen charity PAPYRUS have seen a huge rise in younger people reaching out for their help. If any company would like to donate their party fund to PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide, they are welcoming all donations.

Maybe next year
So as we sit here, contemplating how this Christmas and New Year is going to be so very different; while we are thankful that we have our health, our jobs and are still able to help people find their dream jobs, we all hope and pray that next year things will be back to normal. Interlink will have made it to Dublin, we will be toasting to an amazing 2021 with an ice-cold Guinness in our hands, and Covid-19 will be a thing of the past. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

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