All change at Interlink

Jack Garmory, Recruitment Consultant20 November 2017

A lot has changed at Interlink Recruitment since I joined as a Trainee Consultant back in February.  At the time I joined, there were only six others in the business.
Now, only ten months later, the business has more than doubled in size and has exciting growth plans afoot.  On top of that, we are now into our fourth week in our new home at The Bayley.  We have settled into the new offices and it’s refreshing to have an open, modern space to work in with a fantastic break out area to relax in. 

My progress since my apprenticeship
It’s a been a great journey for me personally over the course of the year, too.  As I have blogged about previously, I joined Interlink on an Apprenticeship, initially resourcing potential candidates for our senior consultants.  However, with excellent mentoring from a knowledgeable, supportive team, alongside successful completion of my Apprenticeship tests, I have progressed in my role to now work with my own candidates, recruiting conveyancers of all levels across the Midlands region.

Recruitment as a career

I may have only been working in legal recruitment for the last ten months, but I really would recommend it as a career.  Many people can be complacent when taking a job in recruitment.  It can seem like an easy option and a straightforward way to make money, but it isn’t all that way.  As with any career, there are always going to be difficult days and challenges, some more testing than others.  However, if you are willing to put in the hard-work and extra hours, and take the positives from learning curves, then it can be a career that really does reap rewards and you’ll experience many more good days than bad.
For me, there really is no greater feeling than getting that interview, offer or placement for a candidate, that you have worked so hard for.

The future

In the time I have been at Interlink, I have seen many people joining and a few of my colleagues getting well-deserved promotions.  This shows that Interlink is not just a business that rewards staff and offers career progression, but is a business poised for growth and really is the right place to be.
From a personal perspective, I hope to grow with the business, build my network further and expand on my current knowledge.  With hard-work and the support network in place here, I feel I can progress and develop a long, successful career at Interlink Recruitment.

If you are a conveyancer in the Midlands region, at any level of your career and considering a move, or you would just like to discuss the current market in general, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Jack whose knowledge is ever-growing and attention to detail is excellent.  Drop him an email in confidence, to . 



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