5 ways to motivate your staff

Jack Garmory, Recruitment Consultant23 April 2019

Working in recruitment, I know only too well the difference it makes if staff feel motivated and happy in their jobs.  It literally is one of the biggest deal breakers when it comes to staff deciding whether to stay or move on.  Salary, location and flexible working are up there as important factors for employees.  But in law firms, just as much as in businesses across all industries, you can’t put a price on staff motivation.

So why is staff motivation such an important thing for employers and what can firms do to ensure staff remain motivated?

Staff motivation – it all comes down to this
The more you can do as an employer to ensure your staff are happy, the more they are going to buy into your firm, culture and want to give back. If your workforce is unmotivated and don’t enjoy coming into work, then staff productivity is always likely to be low, and staff turnover is going to be high. As a Recruiter, I regularly speak with people who are unhappy at their current firm, and there are a number of common factors behind this. So, what can firms do?

Praise and recognition
One thing that tends to come up a lot when speaking with candidates is that they don’t feel they get enough praise or recognition for the work they are doing.  You can exceed targets, achieve team goals and in some cases go above and beyond.  But if a simple ‘thank you’ isn’t ever forthcoming, you can feel quite demoralised.  Having a senior team member recognise your hard work and efforts can be the difference between whether you go home happy or not.

Staff benefits
A growing selling point, and one that’s become competitive in terms of attracting and retaining the best talent, is the unique benefits firms offer staff.  We recognise more that, most people seek to not only work to earn a living and make money, but also gain some extra little things on top.  Staff benefits go a long way in having a positive effect on an employee’s motivation.  These benefits vary from firm to firm and some are quite creative, after all who doesn’t like a little something extra?  

Career progression

A lack of structure and clear path for progression is another common reason why people look for a new role.  I must say at this point, one of the things I really enjoy about working at Interlink is the fact we have a clear progression path in place here.
Most employees want to feel like their career is going somewhere and spending several years in a role that seems to be stagnating can be extremely demotivating. Offering the opportunity to learn new skills, progress and develop is important for staff morale.  That said, it’s important to not progress staff too quickly, and to remember not everybody seeks career progression or to take on additional responsibilities.  It’s about knowing your staff as individuals and understanding their needs.  

Training and support
A lack of workplace training is another factor that can lead to staff becoming demotivated. It is important for businesses to ensure staff are adequately trained and continue to receive support throughout their career.  Training goes hand in hand with career progression – when there’s no opportunity to learn and develop, how can you expect to progress in your role? Without training and support employees will struggle to improve their skills and may look to join a firm that is committed to pushing their staff to the next level.

Good communications
Communication between staff and managers is vital to success within a business. We employees like to be informed of decisions and changes, and to also feel our input is valued. This can be done in a number of ways.  Regular updates of what’s going on across the business, either weekly or monthly by email is a simple yet effective way of keeping staff ‘in the loop’.  And firmwide meetings or regular one-on-one reviews can give employees a platform to voice their opinions.

Communication should always work both ways. Employees should be able to feel comfortable to air any concerns or problems that they have – whether personal or work related – especially in a time where mental health and work-related stress is a big cause for concern. 

From joining us as an apprentice recruitment consultant, Jack has worked his way to where he is today, helping conveyancers across the West Midlands area find new opportunities.  If you’re working in residential property and you’re not feeling motivated in your current role, get in touch with Jack on 0161 214 6112 to discuss your next opportunity.  Jack is well-connected with many firms who offer the levels of motivation staff deserve.  Send him a copy of your CV today to kick-start your search for your next role – jackg@interlinkrecruitment.com.

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