Rethink Benefits for Lawyers

Jacob Thomas, Principal Consultant12 April 2021

A lot has changed for those working in law firms across the country, most notably the ability to work flexibly, and from home. You only have to go back a little over a year to when this was unheard of...

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Our International Legal Recruitment Reach Part 2

Daniyal Aziz and Emma Su, Recruitment Consultants06 April 2021

Following on from our blog last week where we introduced two members of our international legal recruitment team: Alexia and Ciaran, we bring you more overseas insights! In Part 2 of our blog on our...

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Our International Legal Recruitment Reach Part 1

Ciaran Connolly and Alexia Lamoureux, Recruitment Consultants29 March 2021

It’s been an exciting year here at Interlink despite the challenges faced by the world in light of the pandemic. We have been fortunate enough to see our team grow, and even better, grow into ne...

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The Arrival of the SQE

Kyle Bancroft, Recruitment Consultant22 March 2021

Big changes are coming for aspiring lawyers in September with the arrival of The Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE). All prospective solicitors will have to pass the exam to qualify.  I take a loo...

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When Lawyers choose to Relocate

Interlink Recruitment15 March 2021

There are many reasons why anyone working in the legal profession might want to relocate. It’s mostly down to personal circumstances, but we see people doing it for career development, too. An...

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Legal Recruitment in Scotland

Jack Tierney, Recruitment Consultant08 March 2021

The legal market has fared better than most feared throughout the pandemic and has been operating fairly smoothly in recent months. Here at Interlink, we have definitely seen the opportunity for more...

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Irish Qualified Lawyers coming Home

Chris Rafferty, Recruitment Consultant01 March 2021

Since the 2016 Brexit referendum, Ireland has seen an influx of international law firms entering the Irish legal market, eager to get a piece of the Dublin pie. Fast forward five years and now could b...

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Are You Missing the Manchester Legal Awards?

Interlink Recruitment22 February 2021

It’s February and our social calendar, much like everyone else’s, is looking sadly empty. We want to know, who’s missing the Manchester Legal Awards? Because we sure are... Postpo...

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Legal Hires in a Pandemic

Interlink Recruitment15 February 2021

It’s been a difficult year for the legal community as it has for many businesses. Many firms have weathered (and still are weathering) the storm of the pandemic. Some firms have furloughed staff...

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The Madness of Marketing for Consultant Lawyers

Tamara Chorokhova, Recruitment Consultant08 February 2021

As we try to keep going in the midst of a 3rd lockdown in what has been a very ‘interesting’ year (to say the least) I do get asked one burning question from some of my candidates. And tha...

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