Why You Should Use a Legal Recruitment Consultant

With the ever-growing, candidate-driven legal market, there has never been a more prominent rise for the Recruiter than the present.

Your Legal Recruiter is an expert in their field, helping you navigate through the maze that is the legal market. They communicate with both employers and hungry job-seeking candidates, as well as finding out what vacancies are available and who is best to fill them. In exact technical terms, your recruiter is your Yoda, Mr Miyagi and Gandalf.

“But why should I use a recruiter?” As a potential client, or candidate who is on the move, you may have asked yourself this very question.

Benefits to the Candidate of Using a Legal Recruiter

As previously touched on, your recruiter is an expert in their field. They have compound inside knowledge of the market, lateral moves and upcoming roles and vacancies at the most attractable law firms around the globe. With this knowledge, your recruiter can identify opportunities quickly and manage the job search process, which includes scheduling your search and negotiating the terms of an offer.

An experienced Legal Recruiter will have a wide range of possibilities within a variety of firms for you to evaluate, and they can help you choose which firm may be the greatest cultural match for you as well as the best for the next step of your career.

Your recruiter is your number one fan. They know who to call, how to present you in the best light for particular opportunities and how to analyse and assess the opportunities, all whilst maintaining confidentiality and respect of your wishes and integrity.

Benefits to the Client of Using a Legal Recruiter

It’s all about finding the right fit and it all starts with the client. Your Legal Recruiter will identify your wants and needs for fulfilling a vacant position. A good Recruiter will learn about the employer’s goals, meaning that they can effectively identify ‘a great fit’ who is capable of doing the job.

Finding candidates is challenging, let alone finding the kind of qualified candidates you need. You can raise the calibre of the prospects by utilising a Recruiter's professional experience and you will have access to vetted applicants due to the enormous talent pool that your recruiter offers.

“Time is our most valuable asset”. Using a Legal Recruiter to fulfil your needs will be exponentially quicker than shortlisting and attracting candidates for your vacancies alone. With the already vast, star-studded talent pool of candidates at their fingertips for your consideration, the Legal Recruiter will speed up your hiring process.

The Benefits of Using Interlink Talent Solutions

Honesty, Integrity and Disruption. Our values have enabled us to maintain excellent relationships, based on trust, for over a decade. For you, the candidate, you will getting first-class representation in a challenging, fierce job market. And for you, the client, a seamless, streamlined, vetted database of candidates for your consideration will continue to provide top-quality service for now and for the future.


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