Life as a Managing Legal Recruitment Consultant at Interlink

Introducing my experiences as a Managing Consultant at Interlink Talent Solutions and what it takes to be successful in legal recruitment.

What does your typical day consist of?

Each day varies in tasks and responsibilities, which keeps your day stimulating!

I arrive at the office at 7.30am each morning. After making my first coffee of the day, my first task consists of getting myself prepared for the week ahead and organising my calendar. I colour coordinate my calendar for different activities; candidate calls, clients calls, live role searches, catch ups with members of my team.

Once I am happy with how my day will pan out, I will then go through all my emails, LinkedIn responses and job applications from the weekend. The rest of my day will either consist of actively sourcing candidates by utilising different recruiting platforms such as LinkedIn, Totally Legal, Reed Recruiter and our internal database with thousands of past candidates on. Or alternatively, I will spend my day collaborating with hiring managers, scheduling interviews and preparing candidates for interviews.

What is the most rewarding part of the job?

I would say the most rewarding part of being a Legal Recruiter is the end result. When your candidate has just been through a vigorous four-stage interview process, and you are finally able to pick up the phone and give them the good news that an offer of employment has been given. Knowing that, finally they can buy their dream home, buy that new car or simply able to provide a better lifestyle for their family during a recession.

What is your greatest professional achievement to date?

I have been working at Interlink Talent Solutions for one year now, after the first six months I was promoted to a Senior Consultant, then most recently after nine months I was promoted to a Managing Consultant. I always made my managerial aspirations known, but I didn’t expect to be promoted as quickly as I did so it’s great that Interlink also saw the potential in me and my hard work was recognised.

What are some personal qualities someone who wants to work in recruitment industry should have?

Recruitment is a difficult job. Sometimes you will have worked with a candidate for a couple of weeks and as soon as the candidate receives an offer of employment, they turn it down and decide to stay at their current firm, or they accept a new role and the week before they are due to start, they decide to change their mind.

The main quality someone who wants to work in recruitment needs is resilience. Being able to brush yourself off and move onto the next deal. I also find being target-driven an important quality, being confident on and off the telephone, rapport building experience, excellent time management skills are key, and the ability to motivate yourself and those around you.


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Siobhan Murray is a Managing Consultant (Southern GB) in Interlink’s Regions Team. She leads a team of Consultants who work with legal professionals and law firms across the south of England and Wales.

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