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Sean Vita Yamarte

International Legal Recruitment Consultant

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Sean Vita Yamarte

My Role at Interlink

My role at Interlink as part of the International Team is to acquire new clients in the United States along with finding the best legal talent to fill their roles.

Why Interlink?

Coming from a sales background, the world of recruitment is something that has always appealed to me as it provides an opportunity to not only utilise the interpersonal skills I have built over the years of customer focussed roles but also gives me a chance to develop my skills further. 

Outside of Work

Outside of work I’m extremely interested in personal development, be it general knowledge or health and fitness. I enjoy cycling. I am also an avid watcher of documentaries on anything from wildlife and ancient history to space and engineering. I also have a keen interest in photography and a lot of my days off are spent going on road trips for the more scenic spots around the North.