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Orianna Lister

Legal Recruitment Consultant

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Orianna Lister

My Role at Interlink

Here at Interlink my role is a Legal Recruitment Consultant and my key responsibilities are to ensure that I find the best candidates for my clients within the legal industry. I pride myself in delivering the best service throughout the recruitment process as well as getting to know my clients on a personal level to achieve the best results and maintain the highest quality of work. 

Why Interlink?

During my time working as a Sales Executive, I developed many skills which I can transfer to other industries. However, I decided that I needed to create more opportunities for myself and that I needed to push myself like never before and Interlink is the best way for me to do this, ensuring I stay focused and career driven as well as creating new opportunities for other people. I excel in learning new things and believe this is the correct move for me.

I am excited to see what the future holds and I am confident I will make amazing working relationships with candidates and clients. 

Outside of Work

Whilst I am not in work, I spend a huge part of my life with my horse as I like to excel in dressage and cross country. If I am not down at the yard you will probably find me in the gym or out drinking with my friends. I love to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, following all kinds of sports and going on holidays.