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Noah Parkinson

International Recruitment Consultant

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Noah Parkinson

My Role at Interlink

I work with the successful International Desk here at Interlink, focusing my efforts on securing the best legal talent for premium AM Law 200 legal firms around the California market. I work closely with law firms to secure candidates from new qualified up to Partner level and I always make an effort to get to know my candidates on a personal level.

Why Recruitment?

After having to drop out of University in America due to an injury sustained whilst playing rugby, I came home and decided to put the beginning of my studies in Law and my people skills developed whilst working as a chef to use, I dived into the world of recruitment.

After seeing the huge upside potential of the job, I felt that the skills I had amassed thus far would bode well for my budding career.

Outside of Work

Outside of work I am an avid cook, having worked as a chef for 2 years. My favourite dish to cook is a spicy nduja pasta or a lemon chili chicken pasta dish. Outside of eating and cooking, I love socialising with friends and watching football. I support Hull City, which I know sounds awful, and it is. I also enjoy heading down to the local for a pint or two.