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Jordan Maharjan

Legal Recruitment Consultant

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Jordan Maharjan

My Role at Interlink

My role at Interlink involves sourcing candidates to aid them in finding their dream job within the legal industry. Extensive research, analysing data and matching information ensures that the service we provide is excellent. I also have personal clients, which I think is important, as it allows me to truly understand them as a client and build a healthy, maintaining relationship. 


Why Iinterlink?

Whilst doing my LLB undergrad I realised the lawyer route was not for me, yet I still wanted to remain in the legal field. Interlink allows me to work within the legal sector in a very different and interesting manner. I gain skills such communication and customer service while I am building relationships with clients along with understanding the field of law through a different lens. 


Outside of Work

I am currently living with Manchester, one of my favourite cities. I enjoy socialising with friends, the night outs, drinks, restaurants and coffee houses, Manchester has It all. I also enjoy travelling, which I did for a month along the Mediterranean prior to this job, as well as writing articles as a freelancer.