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Esme Morley

International Legal Recruitment Consultant

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Esme Morley

My role at interlink

I am an international legal recruitment consultant. My focus is on placing candidates and building good relationships with clients based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Why interlink?

I graduated in 2021 with a degree in psychology. I have always been interested in understanding and building positive relationships with people. Upon deciding I was not interested in a career in the field of Psychology, I learnt about recruitment and believed the job aligned well with my skills and values, as I am a confident and sociable person. It is great to know that at Interlink if you work hard it will be rewarded, which is very motivating for me.


Outside of work

I love going out for drinks and socialising with my friends and family. I love animals and learning about how to care for them, I am obsessed with my cat and she is everything to me. I also enjoy cooking, drawing and painting.