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Daniel Birch

Recruitment Consultant

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Daniel Birch


My role at Interlink is a Legal Recruitment Consultant. My role involves building relationships with candidates and placing them into roles that are perfect for them. It is my responsibility to ensure candidates are only put forward if they are a great fit for a role, both technically and culturally. To achieve this I work closely with clients to get a detailed understanding of their requirements and culture. This ensures both candidates and clients are always satisfied with the service provided to them by Interlink.


Upon graduating from university with a degree in business management, I took some time to make sure the career I embarked on was the right fit for me. The reason I ultimately decided recruitment was right for me was due to the opportunities available career progression wise. Recruitment is a path that rewards you for the effort you put into your work – both financially and through unparalleled progression. Another reason is due to the people aspect of the job, as through holding a recruiter role within Interlink I have the chance to change people’s lives – which will always heavily fulfil and drive me.


One of my main passions outside of work is improving and maintaining my fitness. After gaining a lot of weight in the 1st lockdown caused by covid, I decided to turn a negative into a positive and took up running to improve my fitness – after barely being able to run half a mile I can now run half marathons quite comfortably. I want to use my new passion of running to do some good, I plan on running a marathon for a charity sometime in the future in order to achieve this. Other interests revolve around socialising and spending time with my friends and family, I believe a healthy social life heavily benefits mental health – so remaining social is very important to me.