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Christine Rodgers-Wendels

Recruitment Consultant

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Christine Rodgers-Wendels


My role at Interlink is to recruit a range of legal roles based in London, spanning a full range of qualified roles. I pride myself on paying attention to detail when listening and speaking to candidates and clients, in order to build long-term relationships and make business feel comfortable.

Why Recruitment?

After graduating from University of Salford in English Literature and Film, I developed an understanding of communications and legal conduct in the media and entertainment industry. The legal element of the course became a prime interest to me and is part of the reason I wanted to learn more about the legal sector. Alongside studying, I have worked in a plethora of part-time jobs including waitressing, bartending, retail work and being a relief support worker during the first lockdown. This all improved my communication abilities. Moreover, I have worked in internships at Cognito Media and Autosport International where I gained insight of comport in professional settings. I am a lover of variety which is why working at Interlink is well-suited to me as the working structure of each day in the office differs and I am always learning new things and speaking to a range of people.

Outside of work

I am originally from Wiltshire and joined Interlink in September 2021. Outside of work, I love going to music and art events and spending time with friends and family. I also enjoy exercising, cooking, drawing and reading . . . (my Facebook feed). Some may say I spend too much of my spare time deciding which outfit to wear, but I would say that it’s time well spent!