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Andrew Collins

Recruitment Consultant

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Andrew Collins

My Role at Interlink

My role within Interlink is to scout and discover talent within the legal industry from a wide range of sectors, with my speciality being recruitment within the UK. My recruitment ethic is that the client needs to be listen to, on both a personal and a professional level. This is key to ensure that clients are recruited into the correct work environment and role where they can flourish and thrive. 

Why Recruitment?

Having just completed my LLB Law degree at Newcastle University I knew I needed to start a career in something that I was suited for. Having had a sales background since the age of 16, a career in recruitment appealed to me. Working in recruitment allows me to use my interpersonal skills that I have honed to aid clients in finding their dream job. Interlink is the right place for me to use these skills. 

Outside of Work

I have recently moved to Manchester and having originally come from a small village in the countryside I am enjoying the hustle and bustle of city life. In my spare time I enjoy reading, especially books that discuss either ancient history or 20th century politics. Nonetheless, I am not as dry as those topics seem, as I love to discover new places to eat and have a good cocktail, any place that has sushi or a good fashioned will always have my heart.