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Demand for legal recruitment services skyrocketed after the lockdown. So much so that here at Interlink we had to do our own mini recruitment drive, which has seen us add two new members to our legal recruitment team. Meet Jack and Tamara and find out more about their backgrounds, how they got through the lockdown, and what they’re enjoying in their new recruitment roles.

Jack Tierney
I have made the move from sales to recruitment, having spent three years at an IT company in Greater Manchester. And it has been so far so good here at Interlink, as I have already helped a candidate secure a new role, in my first couple of weeks! I am lucky to have already experienced the rush you get when you help someone, it’s something that you don’t experience in other jobs. The pace of the work here is good too, as you never find yourself without anything to do. There’s always more to crack on with and before you know it, it’s time to leave the office.
Having sales experience, I know the importance of listening carefully to customers’ needs and going on to find the right solutions. I’ve applied the same methodologies here, and with the additional mentoring from more experienced consultants, I’m able to work independently to help qualified lawyers in private practice. I do this across the Yorkshire and North West regions. 

When I am not at work, I enjoy socialising with friends and family, although this has been harder to do over the last few months. That said, I found lockdown relatively easy to get through as I live with a friend and we always found something to pass the time. Like most, I had a lot more free time so I looked to fill it with more exercise but then I was also drinking and eating takeaways more than I would have normally, so it was a bit of a double-edged sword. I am a big football fan and enjoy playing it as much as watching my team, Manchester United. And not many people know this, but I am actually quite a talented a dancer, not that anyone has ever seen me do it much – I certainly don’t mention it often!

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Tamara Chorokhova
I was born in the Ukraine but grew up in Australia before moving to the UK at a young age. In fact, I once had the opportunity to sing at the Sydney Opera House, which was an amazing experience – especially for a child! I lived in Oxford before going on to study Law at the University of Liverpool, then moved to Manchester to pursue my passion for business development and the legal sector. I started my career in recruitment at a large recruitment firm, before moving to specialise in the legal market. Here at Interlink there is so much to get stuck into, but I work closely with private practice firms to recruit for lawyers of all levels and discipline. I love working in recruitment, there really is no other job like it. But here at Interlink especially, I really enjoy working with my amazing colleagues, it really makes you appreciate how important the team is around you. We support each other and congratulate each other’s successes – even if we are all quite competitive! We push each other to become better at what we do, by making sure we give the best we can to both our clients and candidates. And it is so lovely to be able to give that great news to someone, that they secured a new job! 

When I am not doing legal recruitment, although I really do live to work so the majority of my time is spent at the offices amongst my brilliant colleagues, I am a bit geeky at heart and play an online homebrew Dungeons and Dragons game every week with my friends. I also occasionally dust off the old PS4. I play polo too and try to go for a chukka (the period of time a game of polo is broken into) on the pitch in the summer, or in the arena in the winter. I also enjoy salsa dancing (well I attempt to salsa dance), so I am looking forward to when I can finally get back to some lessons. It’s been a long time! I got through the whole lockdown period earlier this year through sheer grit and perseverance, and quite a lot of wine! My wonderful friends helped to keep me sane at the time, and the weekly video pub quiz kept us going (we even had mini prizes!).    

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