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Meet our business apprentice Zoe Alexander

It’s been just over a year now since Zoe joined Interlink Recruitment, although a good part of that time this year was spent in lockdown. Something none of us ever would have imagined! That said, it’s been an exciting journey, so we thought she would share more about her experience alongside her extracurricular apprenticeship studies!  

Business Apprenticeship
I am currently doing a Business Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship through Apprenticeship Connect. It’s great to be able to work doing my day job in recruitment, and at the same time learn new skills to help me get ahead in my career. With this particular apprenticeship, I am learning practical elements such as IT, project management, and producing records and documents. I also get to develop my skills in decision making, planning, and organising, which are all particularly useful in the busy world of recruitment.

My time at Interlink Recruitment
When I started at Interlink back in September 2019, I originally came on board as an Administrator, working alongside the recruitment consultants here. The role was fast-paced and busy, but it was soon picked up on that I had a natural flair for organisation, while all the while staying positive, working with a smile. So, I was asked to become Front of House where I continued supporting the teams with administration, but also oversaw the office reception duties. It was after lockdown when we returned to the offices in July that I started in my new role as a Recruitment Consultant, while doing my apprenticeship.

Recruitment and Business Support
Today I look after the Business Support offering here at Interlink Recruitment, and so far, it’s been going well. Business support roles were impacted significantly by the pandemic, but this area is picking up more and more as the weeks go on. A lot of law firms are looking to bring new people on to progress with their future growth plans. I have seen a lot of IT-related roles on the market, as well as demand for more junior legal support roles.
Due to the mass of redundancies in legal support at the wake of Covid-19, there are lots of candidates available on the market. I am certainly putting those organisation skills to good test when it comes to managing applications! 
I would advise any candidates looking for business and legal support roles in law firms, to make sure you are presenting your CV the best way you can. With such high competition for vacant positions, it’s important to make sure you have as much relevant experience, and any specific skills listed clearly on your CV to put you in the best position to compete against similar candidates.

My future at Interlink
I am very much enjoying my work in recruitment and watching the business support section grow. My apprenticeship which only has months left to finish has gone really well so far, too. All in all, I’m happy with the decisions I’ve made so far with my career. As my recruitment knowledge expands, there are plenty of opportunities for me here at Interlink. I may eventually venture to work on a different area of legal recruitment. There’s a satisfaction to be had working in recruitment, being able to help people with their careers. Especially during this uncertain time, I am happy to be able to make a difference and give hope to some people who may have been left in an unfortunate position due to recent events.

As Zoe explains, it has been a difficult time for those working in Legal Business Support in recent months. However, the good news is that firms are starting to recruit again. If you are based in the North West and would like to discuss legal support opportunities at law firms in Manchester, Liverpool, or Cheshire, then contact Zoe here at Interlink.