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Gary recently joined our London team of recruitment consultants, working with lawyers and law firms across the City. Previously he’s worked at a barrister’s chambers and has recruitment experience working in-house at a law firm. He also once saved a goal against a very famous football star – but you’ll have to read on to find out more! 

Where did you study and why did you choose the course you did?   
I studied Sports Science at Pendleton College, which seems like many years ago now! I picked sports science as I have always been involved with sport and wanted to understand how elite athletes reach the pinnacle of their sporting ability. It taught me the workings of an athlete’s body and educated me on the dedication and drive you must have to reach the top of any profession.

You started working at a barrister’s chambers while studying and stayed there many years after. What did your role involve and what did you enjoy most about it?
I was part of a busy clerking team that has an excellent reputation in the clerking world. I did pretty much whatever was required to help barristers do their job as effectively as they can. I think the thing I enjoyed most was the people I worked with. From QCs to admin, everyone was brilliant, and they all wanted to make a genuine contribution to the success of the chambers. It was like a big family, something that I think is akin to recruitment.

How did you then get into recruitment?
I think like everyone; I fell into recruitment. I never really thought about it as a profession, but I received a call from an internal recruiter and the role sounded very interesting. Five years later and I’m still in recruitment. Without a doubt it has its ups and downs but, I think I was made for recruitment, so I’ve never really looked back after falling into it!

You’ve recruited for several industry sectors. Which, if any have been the most challenging? What enjoyment do you get out of recruitment?
Legal recruitment is without doubt the most challenging. You are dealing with exceptionally busy people who have very little time to spare, so trying to get them to do that for even five minutes can be a massive task. The thing I enjoy the most about recruitment is doing a good job for the people that have shown faith in me. Whether that be a client, candidate or my Directors. So, when I find someone their perfect job or find a client that ‘hard to find’ candidate, it fills me with a lot of pride.

You’ve also worked in-house at a law firm doing recruitment. How does that compare to life in a recruitment consultancy?
Both present very different challenges. I think the best way I can describe it is with in-house, your job is very reactive. You are reacting to tasks and your workload relies on other people. But, working on the consultancy side, your workload all falls on you. It is up to you to go out and get the work, nobody is going to do that for you, so you must be at the top of your game all day every day.

How have you settled in at Interlink Recruitment? What does your role involve within the London team? Are you enjoying it so far…?
I think I’ve settled in really well. Everybody is so friendly and most importantly, they genuinely want you to do well. I get great support from my Directors and team who fill you with the confidence to be successful at a very difficult job. I recruit from NQ to Partner level in the London area and tend to specialise in Corporate Law (or anything else which falls under that umbrella). I am very much enjoying it so far. The guys have been really helpful and I’m enjoying being back on the consultancy side as I feel it fits my skill set a lot better than in-house!

Have you any personal goals / challenges for the next few years?  
My personal goal is to be the very best I can be at my job. If I do achieve at what I do, I think targets and promotions etc look after themselves as the biproduct of getting stuck into the day to day. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Are you in any teams or volunteer groups?
I love sports, especially football. I play once a week and I have followed Manchester United for as long as I can remember. Away from sports, I have a little girl called Evelyn and already after 6 months of being born she has me wrapped around her little finger!

What would you say are the biggest challenges for law firms when recruiting lawyers at present?
There is a massive war on talent presently. Candidates have many options to choose from when searching for a new role so, I think the challenge lies within what law firms can offer that is ‘different’ to what everyone else is offering.

Tell us something about yourself we’d never know…
My football team won a tournament and the prize was to have a training session with Man United. Back then I was playing in net and Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the best player in the world at the time stepped up to take a penalty against me. I saved it! So, for a short spell, I was the best keeper in the world, right?! 

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